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Meteor? UFO? Transformer? What Was In The Sky Over The American Southwest Last Night?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A sudden bright spot in the night changed colors from blue to orange before streaking across the sky and disappearing has caused hysteria amongst residents in California, Arizona and beyond.

While many scientists are pegging the light show as the result of a basketball sized piece of interplanetary debris burning up through our atmosphere, we are not so quick to agree. While a spaceship seems unlikely, a secret military satellite being blown out of orbit (as posited in the beginning of Andrew Mayne’s debut novel Public Enemy Zero) and crashing down to Earth could work. From the picture posted above, we also can’t rule out that dozens of sitcom stars had simultaneous given a poignant piece of advice and the resulting streak was simply a The More You Know punctuation.

Do you have a conspiracy theory? Post it below.

[CBS 2]

Google Mars Anomaly

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

So, yeah. 71 49 19.73n 29 33 06.53w in Google Mars if you want to see it yourself. What do you think it is?

[Sighting UFO]

Three Possible Conspiracies To Explain Government Shut Down

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

It is very likely a combination of pre-2012 posturing by the White House and a fiscal hardline amongst the Republican party could cause our United States government to shut down this weekend. This is disappointing and annoying.

The silver lining? Conspiracy theorists can start spinning into overdrive. Break out the tin foil hats, check on your emergency seed garden and text your militia buddys. Here is a smattering of our favorites:

• China has ordered the shut down. They will use their opportunity to call in the debt we owe them and invade US soil [GodLikeProductions]

• Shut down means that non-essential entities like the EPA would cease opporation. That would mean radiation monitoring from Japan would be affected giving the Government leeway to fudge results [ConspiracyCom]

• Shutdown will only be avoided with assistance from Obama-friendly alien P’lod [Weekly World News]

Rocket Launchers, Contrails, Batman: The Best Mystery Missile Conspiracy Theories

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

It left a vapor trail as it soared into the sky but the questions have lingered far longer as we ponder “what was that California mystery missle after all?”

Predictably, conspiracy theories abound:

We launched an ICBM from a submarine while Obama was out to town to show we’re still hardcore: this comes from Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth in the video above although he cautioned that we should wait for official confirmation from the military.

It’s a mobile launcher from the USS Ronald Reagan: Despite the defense department denying it was a scheduled launch, some are speculating that the missile came from the general area of the USS Ronald Reagan. Two problems, the size of the weapon is off from what is equipped on the ship and the USS RR was supposed to be en route to help a stranded Carnival Cruise ship.

It’s a jet contrail: According to a Harvard professor the direction and shape of the vapor looks consistent with a jet contrail illuminated by the low angel of a setting sun. This of course leaves the option for chemtrail open.

Batman has finally banished Mr. Freeze to space: On the unofficial Twitter @God_Damn_Batman, the Dark Knight offered a tacit explanation…

Not saying I had anything to do with that missile off the coast of CA. But I hope the vacuum of space is cold enough for you, Mr. Freeze.

We are down with all of these.

Has The Air Force Landed Their Top Secret Space Plane?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Conspiracy nuts, on your mark! The top-secret X-37B space plane has already gone missing once this year (proving the craft to be far more agile than amateur military tech experts predicted) and now it has again disappeared. Many now suggest that the plane is preparing to land or has landed already.

The Air Force is not saying anything, because after all it is a top-secret military space plane.

Our guess? Invisibility shield. But then again, we run a blog about Nazi-fighting bears.

[Fox News]

Amateurs Inform Air Force Secret Space Plane Changed Orbit

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


Is the secret X-37B space plane going rogue? Or is this part of the plan for the Air Force’s mystery vessel?

Either way, amateur sky watchers found the reusable space plane had boosted itself into a different orbit last week. This might be because it will now come into contact with a few Air Force Satellite Control Network facilities it would not have otherwise. Or because someone got bored. Since the military is disclosing any details, we have no way of knowing.

No landing date for the X-37B has been set.


At The Edge Of Conspiracy A Man Stands With A His Finger On The Zoom

Thursday, August 19th, 2010


For artist Tervor Paglen, the truth is out there. Seriously, it’s like 60 miles away and you’re standing in front of his shot. Can you move? Thank you.

Paglen has become famous for compiling very long range, grainy photos of the the most secretive elements of our national defense. Rendition programs, codenamed projects, secret identities, redacted or misleading budget items, these are the leads he capitalizes on. He talked to Wired about his new monograph Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes.

“I think of my visual work as an exploration of political epistemology,” said Paglen in a recent interview with Joerg Colberg, “The politics of how we know what we think we know. [An exploration] filled with all the contradictions, dead ends, moments of revelation, and confusion that characterize our collective ability to comprehend the world around us in general.”

Awesome stuff.


Did Math Professor Crack Lottery Code For Millions?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


Joan Ginther came from Bishop, Texas. She earned her doctorate in math from Stanford in the 70’s but in more recent times locals saw her exiting a town convenience store carrying $50 reams of scratch off tickets at a time.

Joan Ginter has won the Texas lottery 4 times. She is a millionaire many times over and has declined every attempt by reporters to get her on the record about her winnings.

So how did Ginther do it, then?

Good luck pinning her down to ask.

Ginther has never spoken publicly about her lotto winnings and could not be found for comment. She now lives in Las Vegas after moving away from Bishop, and an answering machine message for a telephone number listed at her address says not to leave a message.

She asked the few people who’ve exchanged more than brief pleasantries with her not to grant interviews and sneaked into lottery headquarters in Austin to collect her winnings with the least publicity the state offers jackpot winners.

Is Joan Ginther astronomically lucky and press shy? Or has she achieved what so many have dreamed of, a mathematical flaw in a system designed to rake in money with only a glimmer of a statistical chance for a payout?


Doctored Pictures, UFOs & Sore Jaws: Top 5 Moon Landing Hoax Videos

Monday, July 20th, 2009

The Apollo 11 moon landing happened 40 years ago toady, or as 6% of the country believe according to a new survey, one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated hoodwinked the world at large.

Here are five videos that help document the intervening four decades dotted with controversy, analysis, British people and Buzz Aldrin’s devastating right cross.


LIFE Photographer Lamets Being “Used” By Military In Roswell Cover

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


The one man who could have taken a picture of what really crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 was bamboozled by a military escort into blowing his only chance to capture intergalactic history. That is the story told by an ailing Allan Grant, a legendary photographer for LIFE magazine dispatched to the desert to document “a meteorite.”

Last year, a dying Allen told blogger Anthony Bragalia, he had since became convinced that his military escort was there to make sure he didn’t got near the real wreckage of what crashed. Grant’s wife crystallized her late husband’s points.

Grant’s widow continues, “You take them someplace near -but not exactly to- the spot. Show the world there’s nothing there- and everybody is happy and relieved, and you can go about your business.” She believes that “perhaps they thought you could keep other media out of there if need be by saying that Life has already been there, and they found nothing.” And she was right- no mainstream media reported on the event after the first wire stories based on military press releases.

Before Allan died, he told Karin that he always believed that he was “used” by the military as a “potential cover” to in some way obfuscate something. He told her that the “something” what he had always thought -even at the time- was much bigger- an unidentified flying object.

Very interesting read.

Weird Week: Dover Demon, David Berkowitz, Chatty Ghosts, Lonely Bigfoot Hunters

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Previously, this week, on Weird Things.

D555F7C5-E569-406C-B159-E9456C8BD1FA.jpg• A few tips for the novice Bigfoot hunter.

• Could the Son of Sam, a UFO investigating Air Force base and the birth of popular science fiction have helped create the Dover Demon?

• Michael Jackson may be dead, but his ghost is on a world tour.

• What happens, when myriad ghosts, have chosen to haunt a house, stop beings polite and start getting real? They say some really kooky stuff, that’s what.

Rhode Island has never had a Bigfoot sighting, but that might be about to change.

Enjoy the weekend, as always, send weird photos, stories, sounds and happenings to JustinRobertYoung@Gmail.