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Guardian of the Badlands

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


We know what you’re thinking. Is that a massive Native American wearing headphones or a natural geographic feature created by soil erosion? investigated, and after a little plinking around on the internet, we were gravely disappointed to find that it was the latter. Located near appropriately titled ‘Medicine Hat’, Canada, this large physical depression is called the Badlands Guardian.

For years it was famous to locals for appearing to be a Native American from the air. Then an oil well and road were built and made the Badlands Guardian a modern man with the gift of nifty iPod headphones. Lynn Hickox originally discovered the site, then local radio broadcasters had the community vote on what the apparent figure would be called. I think the people of Alberta chose right. Badlands guardian is a bad ass name.

We’d like to think that the aliens got bored with crop circles and decided to get a little more artistic.

Weird Geography: Does this look like a nation to you?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

According to Wikipedia” “Micronations are entities that resemble independent nations or states but which are unrecognized by world governments or major international organizations.” The Platform in the picture above is actually the Nation of Sealand. It may seem that not much goes on in Sealand judging by the photo, but this former British fort has had a rocky national history. Helicopter Invasions, massive fires, border disputes with the British Government and at one point they even issued their own passports.

Check out Sealand’s National Website.

We’re going to be bringing you a strange geographic anomaly on a weekly basis, so watch out for more Weird Geography.