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[Video]: Woman Grows Fingernails…All Over Her Body!

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

We’ve seen a LOT of weird things before in the medical field. But THIS? This is a whole new level.

Back in 2009 a woman by the name of Shanyna Isom had an asthma attack. No biggie, right? Wrong. Isom experienced an allergic reaction to the steriods used to treat the asthma attack.

The result? A reaction like a d-lister from the Xavier Institute…she’s growing fingernails where she would normally grow hair.

No…really…fingernails are sprouting from her body.

Johns Hopkins University doctors are baffled at the condition. There’s no precedent for what’s happening to Isom. She began growing skin cells at 12 times the rate of a normal person and each follicle began producing a fingernail!

Doctors seem to have the bizarre disorder under control and are working to figure out how to fix whatever strange effect the steroid treatment created which caused this entire mess to start in the first place.

33 Pound Tumor Removed from 26 Pound Boy

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

During a 10 hour surgery, doctors at Mexico City’s La Raza Medical Center removed a 33 pound tumor from 26 pound two-year-old Jesus Gabriel.

Gabriel was born with a small, benign lump on his right side that grew faster than he did and extended from his armpit to his hip. Doctors say that this is the first time in Mexican history that the tumor has been larger than its host was successfully removed.

Little Jesus is doing fine and making a very strong recovery.

[Washington Post]

Deer Afflicted with ‘Gnarly Buck’

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Ola Enbagen of Gothenburg, Sweden casually went out to grab his morning paper from the post office box. As a bonus he got to see a cute little deer grazing quietly.

Only there was something different about this deer.

“He was looking straight at me and I just thought, “Damn, he looks strange.”

What caught Enbagen’s attention was the weird cactus-like growth on the deer’s head. A moment later the deer leaped over a hedge and disappeared.

“But when I was having breakfast he returned, so I took some pictures and filmed him through the window,” said Enbagen.

Enbagen’s little deer friend was suffering from something called ‘cactus buck’ or better still “gnarly cactus”.

Gnarly cactus is a condition which causes the animal’s antlers to continue growing until they cover its eyes. Normally, a hormonal impulse stirs the bucks to rub the velvet off its antlers every year, and eventually shed them.

When a hormonal imbalance disturbs the shedding of the animal’s antlers, each growing cycle produces more velvet and antler material on top of the previous year’s until they eventually grow over the deer’s eyes, resembling a cactus.

An animal with this condition will have very small or completely undescended testicles. Animals with this condition are not expected to live for a long time. Once the antlers grow over his eyes, the animal will be unable to fend for itself.

Enbagen said deer visit his garden frequently but never one that looked like this.

[The Local - Sweden]

Indonesian Baby Born Without Anus

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Nobody wants their child to be born with a deformity. Its typically something terrible, and something highly distressing for the parents of the child. This case is no different. Abdul Rohim and his wife Neneng discovered upon the birth of their firstborn that he was missing something vital.

He was missing his anus.

The family from Kali Paten Kampung, a slum area in Tangerang, Indonesia, upon birth were horrified, and upon noticing the journalists turning up at their house hid the baby. It was a major breach of privacy, and the parents wanted to hide their newborn from the press.

In Indonesia, like most of the world, they do not have free healthcare. However, a good samaritan, Abdul Matin, a local community unit chief, said that he attempted to gather free healthcare for the young boy, even though they had only just moved to the

Prior to his birth, the baby had shown no signs of deformity, and upon birth the doctors were shocked as well as the parents. However, thanks to cards issued by the administration of the hospital, the family have free health care at the hospital the baby was born in. One slight problem, however, is the lack of equipment to do the procedure to correct the childs problem. Thankfully, he will have his anus added when he is taken to Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital in Jakarta, where apparently they will be able to help him.

[The Jakarta Post]