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Justin Robert Young A graduate of Syracuse University, Justin has worked at several major metropolitan daily newspapers including “The South Florida Sun-Sentinel” of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and “The Morning Call” of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has since written the number one daily magic news site iTricks.com and is the host of three weekly podcasts and a regular live chats featuring top names in the magic industry. In 2009 he served as an Associate Producer on the first season of G4 Underground.

He can be reached by phone at 954 892 5665, via email at JustinRobertYoung@Gmail or at Twitter.com/JustinRYoung.

Andrew Mayne is the Publisher and editor for Weird Things. He’s also a professional magician, television producer and critical thinking lecturer. As a magician he’s published over 40 books and DVDs on magic and worked creatively for Penn & Teller and David Blaine. He was lead investigator for the James Randi Million-Dollar Challenge and a contributor to Junior Skeptic. Currently he is executive producer of G4 Underground for the G4 Network and publishes iTricks.com. His website can be found at AndrewMayne.com

Matt Finley is a writer and cartoonist with a background in film/television criticism, humor writing and pop culture commentary. His work has appeared in a variety of places, including The New York Press, FlakMagazine.com, the Radio Waves podcast and NSFW. He’s afraid of bees, the dark and basically everything featured on Discovery Health’s “Mystery Diagnosis” and Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me.” He has lived on both sides of the nation’s soda/pop divide.

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You can follow his rarely updated, but consistently asinine, Twitter account @Finfizzler

Feel free to send any comments or writing requests to finley.mt@gmail.com

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