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Most Frightening Children’s Book Award Goes to…

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Cult indoctrination seemed to be the trendy demon scourge out to nab your children in the late 80s and early 90s. Dubbed ‘Satanic Panic’, groups like David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and early mentions of Heaven’s Gate as well as other cult groups seemed to be part of the daily news diet of the day.

To protect the innocent there was also a rise in protective groups, articles, information and books.

One of those books is called “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy” written by Doris Sanford and illustrated by Graci Evans.

And it’s the most terrifying children’s book you’ll ever read.

Here’s the synopsis of the story directly from the back cover of the book (which now sells anywhere from $155 to $220):

“When five-year-old Allison’s parents begin to see a change in her behavior at home, they seek professional help for her. They find that Allison and other children have been ritually abused at a day care center. Thus begins Allison’s recovery through counseling and through her parents’ affirmations that it was not her fault, that she is precious and loved, and they will keep her safe.”

It’s not just the words that’ll make you stare at this thing with wide-eyed horror. The illustrations like the one with the child lying next to a dead rabbit will probably become the groundwork for your future nightmares.

You might want to mentally floss with some Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog after reading this.


Chicken Found with Photo Sticking Out of its Chest

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Katha Sheehan, the owner of a Florida chicken rescue, was brought a chicken that had a corner of something portruding from its chest that was obviously not a feather.

Peeking out of, and embedded into, the chicken’s chest and packed behind some primitive stitch-work was the corner of the photograph above.

A local vet removed the photograph from the infected hole in the chicken’s chest after cutting through the makeshift stitch job. Not only was there the 4″x6″ photo…

Nope. Wouldn’t be a Florida story if that’s all there was…

There was also a sketch of a skull.

A nearby anthropology professor who’d been asked about the chicken because of the cult-like procedure stated:

“This is a magical ritual of Cuban origin, probably, with the name ‘Sarabanda,’ which is a deity from the Congo area that was probably used to affect the relationship of these three young people. To me it is alien, the idea of casting your sins on innocent animals.”

According to the vet that treated the chicken, who’s name is Trooper, is recovering very well.


Malaysian Exorcism of Child Goes Horribly Wrong!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Police officers in northern Penang, Malaysia raided a house after getting a distressed phone call from someone.

What they found was a pile of eight, chanting adults covered with a blanket lying on the floor of a bedroom.

Underneath this bizarre dog-pile was a 3 year-old girl who’d been suffocated by the adults on top of her. The adults that took part in this eerie and disturbing scene were the girl’s parents, grandmother, uncle, aunt, two cousins and the family’s maid in a ritual to remove the evil spirits that apparently inhabited the child.

All eight adults are currently being detained.

Papa New Guinea Cannibal Cult Caught

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Almost 30 people have been arrested during a dawn raid on what’s believed to be a cannibal cult in Papua New Guinea.

Members range from a 13-year-old boy to a teacher in his 50s. Two men are still on the run.

The group has killed at least four men and three women since April according to local authorities.

“The group alleges that there were some deaths related to sorcery in the area.
“They were initiated into a cultural house and believe they could identify sorcerers. It has been an ongoing problem.”

Although sorcery is legally defined in Papua New Guinea, the government’s Law Reform Commission is trying to rid that particular outdated legalese because once a murder is claimed sorcery-related the prosecution process becomes murky.

In this case, however, facts, forensic evidence and statements made by the accused have led invesitgators to believe that parts of the victims were eaten.

[Herald Sun Australia]

Death Valley Truck’s Grisly History

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Sitting out in the middle of Death Valley is a grim reminder of one of the most horrific and notable murder stories in American history.

Recently journalist Amy Beddows rolled through Death Valley in search of that grisly reminder.

Arriving in Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America and one of the most desolate places in the world, Beddows headed down the Trona 178 highway to the dirt road which leads to the isolated town of Ballarat.

Beddows drove past the sign at the entrance to the now-dead mining town which reads, “You learn nothing by sitting in the car.” Her and her fellow traveler got out to explore Ballarat to find the macabre object they were looking for.

The only other person in town? The owner/operator of the “Outpost” camping store which sits quietly in the middle of this long forgotten dot in the middle of nowhere.

He happily pointed out what Beddows was looking for…

A truck…but not just any truck…

Bobby Beausoleil’s truck that the Manson family used both in Los Angeles and to drive out to the Barker Ranch where Manson was caught by the Inyo County Sheriff Department and the California Highway Patrol for vandalism within the Death Valley National Park before they realized who they’d caught.

And there it sat in the fading sunset with the word ‘WAR’ vaguely remaining hand-painted on the door and the interior covered in spray-painted silver stars, a recurring image in the Manson family’s disturbing legacy.

Beddows and her companion left town before the notorious sandstorms began blowing into the basin later that evening leaving behind an old rusted truck.

A truck that sits alone on a small hill in the middle of nowhere where it’s held its ground for almost half a century.

A truck that holds a darkly grim history should the curious care to explore the speck of a town in the middle of nowhere.

[San Diego Reader]