Doctored Pictures, UFOs & Sore Jaws: Top 5 Moon Landing Hoax Videos

Posted by on July 20th, 2009

The Apollo 11 moon landing happened 40 years ago toady, or as 6% of the country believe according to a new survey, one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated hoodwinked the world at large.

Here are five videos that help document the intervening four decades dotted with controversy, analysis, British people and Buzz Aldrin’s devastating right cross.

5- The Original Footage

Just so we’re all on the same page, here are some of the pictures and video footage that captivated a nation’s attention and imagination.

4- Conspiracy Cliff’s Notes

In case you’d like to reacquaint yourself with the claims of the moon hoax supporters here is a snippet from a UK documentary claiming to show definitive evidence that many of the iconic photos were staged. It also deals a blistering setback to many UK denizens who’d made progress against the Sneering, Pompous British Jerk stereotype that has plagued the nation.

3- Joe Rogan vs. Phil Plait

Many of the moon hoax arguments have been repeated ad hominem by all manner of people, so it’s refreshing to hear two well-spoken (dare I say, hilarious) figureheads debate their points in these Penn Radio clips featuring Bad Astronomer Phil Plait and comedian Joe Rogan. The back and forth was spread over two days and takes about an hour to listen through all of it. Enjoy!

2- Buzz Aldrin Sees A UFO! Or Not.

The British strike again! This time with a documentary that edited a Buzz Aldrin interview to make it sound like he had to see a UFO during the Apollo 11 flight. As the man himself explains in this Larry King Live clip, that was simply not the case.

This is a notable conspiracy in that it concedes the Apollo 11 mission was in fact en route to the moon, so they might as well have peeped an alien on the way.

1- The Eagle Has Landed

Our crown jewel of Apollo 11 conspiracy videos. Filmmaker Bart Sibrel has made two films building a case for the moon landing conspiracy, in September of 2002 he staged an interview with Aldrin under the false pretense that he and his crew were with a Japanese program. After the Q&A dissolved, Sibel confronted Aldrin with his claims and Aldrin responded by landing a vicious right cross square on the cheek of the larger man.

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