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Three Girls Form Exorcism Team to Fight Satan!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Three girls have assembled into a team of exorcists led by the father of one of the girls. It’s Charlie’s Angels meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Exorcist.

Well…there’s that…click play.


Ghost Floats Tea Bags in English Store!

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Security cameras in a small store in Whitestable, England has captured something interesting on video. We’re not here to judge (okay…maybe we are on certain occasions).

The video hit YouTube and began getting views…but after Fox News put the video in their feed it went viral and has been dubbed ‘The Ghost of Earl Grey’ because it’s floating tea…way to go for the easy joke, internet.

Here’s the video. Now it’s in YOUR hands….

Ghost or the guys behind THIS iconic moment (skip to 1:18 in the video)…

[Daily Mail]

Spike TV Offers Ten Million Dollars For Bigfoot!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

SpikeTV has announced that they are offering $10,000,000 for Bigfoot.

The channel that’s usually running background noise in every COPS episode has tagged Bigfoot as the target of a new reality show centered around the elusive cryptid’s capture.

Hosted by Dean Cain, “Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” show’s premise consists of sending nine teams of cryptid hunters into the wild to go “squatchin'” in the Pacific Northwest, an area often considered a hotbed of alleged sasquatch activity. While ten million dollars seems like a lot of money, Lloyd’s of London is the outfit putting up the money and they seem to be pretty confident that they’re going to be keeping those ten million bucks.

The show is about to begin shooting and will air on the SpikeTV network some time in January of 2014.


UFOs Hovering Over Russia? Or Something Else?

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

What is going on in this video? Are these UFOs just meeting up like cops in cars often do ala window-to-window and talk about stuff like how they need to mutilate at least a few cows on the way home? Is this, like some of the comments on the video suggest, some kind of advanced helicopters parked in the sky like high schoolers after a football game? What is going on with these lights in the sky over Russia?

Originally you could’ve tossed this off as a single triangle-shaped experimental plane or flares from a jet. But check the video at about 1:35 into the video. Also check the video at about the 6:12 mark. Did a cheap light bulb burn out on some mysterious government aircraft?

We’ll leave all the speculation in your hands because we’re really not sure what we’re looking at.

[Who Forted?]

Corpse Flower About to Bloom – Watch it LIVE!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Commonly referred to as ‘The Corpse Flower’ or ‘Stinky Plant’, a Titan Arum is about to bloom at the United States Botanic Conservatory and you can watch it bloom via streaming video.

The Corpse Flower doesn’t have a regular blooming cycle but the impending bloom can be seen in changes in the plant itself. When it does finally bloom it’s only for 24-48 hours and that’s when you fully understand where this bizarre, Day of the Triffids-looking thing gets its name.

Once the plant blooms it, unlike other plants which smell pretty, gives off the smell of rotting flesh. Not only that, the plant generates its own heat which cause the smell to linger and reach further into the surrounding area so that it can attract pollinating creatures like dung beetles. The more it reeks, the more its chances of survival.

Now you can watch via video both the amazing blooming of this sci-fi-looking thing and you can smirk at all the people smelling it and plugging their noses as they cruise by.

[United States Botanic Garden]

Wailing Ghost Mystery Solved – Just a Lady Trapped Behind a Wall

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Residents of a building in China heard a wailing ghost, shrugged, counted it up as just another crazy Asian ghost wanting attention and left it alone.

What the residents didn’t know was that it wasn’t a ghost…just a woman with poor judgement and bad spatial awareness trying to take a shortcut home who’d wedged herself between two buildings…for SEVEN HOURS.

It took an emergency crew about half an hour to break enough of the wall to get to her thanks to a passerby who heard her cries and probably thought, “Sure doesn’t sound like a wailing ghost…but it sure DOES sound like an actual wailing person who might need help.”

Meanwhile the building’s residents are probably discussing why the wailing ghost has mysteriously stopped wailing.

[Huffington Post]

New Clam Looks Like Alien – Becomes Butt of Where’s Waldo Jokes Forever

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Back in 1989 two marine invertebrate biologists were discussing the subject of new species when the both went ‘whoa’ realizing that they’d independently discovered the same creature 1,000 miles apart. One scientist found them in Morro Bay, California while the other scientist discovered them on urchins on Vancouver Island in British Colombia.

Living on the finer spines which rest closer to the body of sea urchins, the Waldo Arthuri, is a small (0.2 inches long) clam-like creature that travels around like a snail. Because the little guys are so fragile it’s been hard for the researchers to really analyze them although they’ve been able to extract DNA which has led them to declare this a new species that’s not documented yet.

Why these things live on urchins is still an unknown.

“What they get out of the relationship is pretty mysterious. The urchin might provide shelter to the clam, and there might be food flowing in the water to the urchin that the clam might be able to filter out and benefit from. What the clam gives to its host, if anything, is pretty unknown.”

[Fox News]

Robot Teaches Itself to Paint So Humans Can Lose at Everything in the Future

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Just when you think we’ve come to terms with robots and their place amongst us, they do something else that ruins all those happy-go-lucky feelings we had with them for just a brief moment.

E-David, a robotic arm developed by the University of Konstanz in Germany, is teaching itself to paint.

Using 24 colors and 5 different brushes, E-David takes a photo of its subject and then goes to work recreating it in paint. As E-David paints, it’s constantly checking back and forth between the photo it took and what it’s actually painting. If E-David decides that what’s hitting the canvas isn’t correct, it can change the process on the fly to work toward a better finished painting.

“Our hypothesis is that painting – at least the technical part of painting – can be seen as optimization processes in which color is manually distributed on a canvas until the painter is able to recognize the content – regardless if it is a representational painting or not.”

Just another thing we can all give up doing when the robots take over.


The Hyperloop – Elon Musk’s 4,000mph Tube Cars!

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Elon Musk continues to push our ideas about what’s possible right now at this very moment. Musk’s creations all seem to be geared at moving people faster and more efficiently. Which brings us to his next big idea with a name that any kid of the 90s can appreciate…the Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is Musk’s answer to getting Californians from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Nope. Not a typo. LA to San Fran in 3O minutes. At about 4,000 miles an hour.

Like the stuff of sci-fi a junkie’s dreams, the Hyperloop is a six-person pod the size of a car that will enter a tube and shoot passengers 800 or so miles between the two big cities in about the time it takes you to slam a latte, eat a danish and check your news feeds.

If Musk’s track record of tearing through red tape and just getting the future built already is any indication of whether or not this will happen, California may as well just scrap the multi-billion dollar old-school, dumpy train that the state is planning on building.

[The American Interest]

Internet Brings Blood-Drinking Couple Together

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Finding love with someone who you were compatible with or who shared your interests was a lot harder to do in the pre-internet age. Back in those days you’d probably have a hard time finding someone who liked long walks in the cemetery under a full moon, shopping for raw meat together and drinking one another’s blood (if you’re squeamish and don’t like the sight of people drinking one another’s blood…do yourself a favor and do NOT watch the above video).

But now that we’ve got the internet it’s a heck of a lot easier for people like Lia Benninghoff and Aro Draven to hook up and fall in love.

Thanks, Internet.

[Barcroft TV]

Man Hears People Speak Before Their Lips Move!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Who hasn’t made fun of old, out-of-sync kung fu movies or Godzilla movies?

But what if you woke up one day and that’s how you actually saw/heard the world?

That’s currently how only one person ever known to science now hears/sees the world.

After surgery for a heart problem, the guy, simply known as PH started noticing something odd:

“I was staying with my daughter and they like to have the television on in their house. I turned to my daughter and said ‘you ought to get a decent telly, one where the sound and programme are synchronised’. I gave a little chuckle. But they said ‘there’s nothing wrong with the TV I told my daughter her living room TV was out of sync. Then I noticed the kitchen telly was also dubbed badly. Suddenly I noticed that her voice was out of sync too. It wasn’t the TV, it was me.”

While there is a TON of medical terminology that we could throw around here to explain in detail what’s going on, we’ll simplify it.

PH actually hears people BEFORE he sees their lips move! Not only that but PH also realized that it’s not just other people he’s looking at as they’s his own words too! PH hears the words he’s saying BEFORE he feels his jaw move!

Since light and sound move at different speeds from the point of origin our brain is set up to process them so that they all sync. While no one’s really sure how the brain makes all this work, scientists are even more confused now that PH and his unique situation has entered the playing field.

Scientists are continuing to study what’s happened to PH because he’s the only person in the world to ever have this happen…

Unless it’s triggered in all of us while we watch late-night kung fu and Godzilla movies.

[New Scientist]

3D Robotic Spider Creepier Than the Real Thing

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

A small robotics company called Robugtix is about to give everyone something special whether they want it or not…arachnophobia.

One of the company’s newest bots is named, simply and innocently, the T8. All of that simpleness and innocence evaporates quickly when you actually get to see the T8 in action.

3D-printed and housing 26 motors to move its creepy little self around, the T8 doesn’t just have the fact that it’s made to look like a spider going against it. When you see the T8’s movements is when you get to see just how amazingly and eerily realistic it looks.

For about the price of one month’s rent in a metro apartment, you can grab your very own robotic nightmare from Robugtix which can either be controlled by you like your very own spidery, robotic minion or you can program the T8 to step through a sequence you create.

Robugtix mentions how great the T8 is for someone to learn advanced robotics.

About 10 or 15 years from now, super-villains will be sitting around talking about their formative years where they all owned a small, slightly menacing-looking robotic spider they had to send away for.


Seagulls Rise to the Top of the Food Chain – By Killing Whales!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Seagulls are about the very last animal you’d think of when someone ask you to name something that might kill a full-size whale.

But that would just mean that weren’t keeping up on the events taking place out in the waters off the coast of Argentina.

Because trash isn’t covered or really being recycled on nearby land, the gull population has exploded in recent years. No one’s really sure when it started but with dead whales turning up on shore, researchers began noticing something a little unsettling…peck marks.

Seagulls are opportunists like vultures when it comes to an easy meal. At some point a gull realized that whales are pretty easy targets when they come up for air. Now that behavior has become the norm for thousands of these birds. During the calving season when babies whales are born the problem is exacerbated because baby whales need to stay up longer to feed off their mothers. Routines are changing because of the gulls and their relentless attacks…the calves feeding time is shortened. Calves bodies are washing up on shore suffering obvious effects of malnutrition.

Local government is allowing a cull of the birds within the month and targeting the birds who’ve developed this behavior. It’s been done before with no real change in the birds’ behavior.

Let’s all hope this gets sorted out…because once, and we’re just tossing this out there because we like to get hypothetical this way, we run out of whales…

We’ll probably be next.

Visit Japan’s Abandoned ‘Battleship Island’ Safely From Home!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Google has a new program where they’re asking hikers who’re willing to strap a on 40lb Google Street View backpack version of the device that’s usually strapped to the roof of a car. They’re asking that, should you be heading off to explore some interesting part of the world, if you wouldn’t mind ‘street-mapping’ it for the rest of us to lazy to get up and do it for ourselves.

Recently a team of willing urban explorers went to Hashima Island (also known as ‘Battleship Island’) with the blessings of the Nagasaki government. While tourists have been visiting the island since 2009 their exploration area is very limited because of dangerous conditions. Google’s team, fortunately for the rest of us, was allowed to explore much more of the island so that all of us can now visit this hauntingly unique place.


Duck Gets 3D-Printed Foot to Help Him Walk Again!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Buttercup is an adorable little duck who was born with one of his feet turned backwards.

Born at a high school as part of a biology program, Buttercup was given to a sanctuary specializing in dealing with ducks.

Software engineer for the sanctuary, Mike Garey, took Buttercup under his wing and began looking for ways to give this little duck a much-less painful method of mobility.

Using photos of Buttercup’s sister Minnie’s foot, NovaCopy, a 3D printing company that Garey had gone to, created and then printed a copy of the foot.

Just last night, Buttercup was given the new foot to test out and the result is something that’ll make even hard-nosed haters of cute stuff smirk a little bit at.

The video above is Buttercup before the new foot. The video below is Buttercup with the new foot.

[Gizmodo and Buttercup’s Facebook Page]