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Podcast: Bigfoot Shot Me

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

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Injuries on the hunt for Bigfoot. True scars in pursuit of the greatest game to ever stalk the woods or face saving maneuver from a couple of trigger happy dullards? Are we living in the Matrix? Andrew makes a compelling case for “yes”, Brian is skeptical and Justin has a hard time keeping up. Because he’s stupid.

It’s all part of a new Weird Things podcast.

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Cupcake Toothpaste and Fried Chicken Candles – Food Stuff You Can’t Eat But Want to

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

The nation’s alleged problem with obesity is probably going to continue getting worse because of stuff like this:

Kathy Werking (who’s also creating a mint julep-scented candle) has formulated a candle that, according to its description, will:

“Let the fresh, fried sizzle of savory golden goodness drift into your hearts and homes with one of our most delectable creations to date.”

What is the one thing you want to do when you smell fried chicken? Say it together, “Eat fried chicken!”

After you’re done chewing through your fried chicken candle wax, you can brush that taste out with dessert with this:

It’s sort of ironic, isn’t it? Also available? Bacon and Nihilist.

Wait…what’s Nihilist taste like? Nothing. There’s no flavor. No color. Nothing.

Except will power and moderation and if you’re using cupcake-flavored toothpaste to brush your teeth? We’re guessing neither of those apply to you anyway.

[KFC Candle via NeatoramaCupcake Toothpaste via Perpetual Kid]

Chicken Found with Photo Sticking Out of its Chest

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Katha Sheehan, the owner of a Florida chicken rescue, was brought a chicken that had a corner of something portruding from its chest that was obviously not a feather.

Peeking out of, and embedded into, the chicken’s chest and packed behind some primitive stitch-work was the corner of the photograph above.

A local vet removed the photograph from the infected hole in the chicken’s chest after cutting through the makeshift stitch job. Not only was there the 4″x6″ photo…

Nope. Wouldn’t be a Florida story if that’s all there was…

There was also a sketch of a skull.

A nearby anthropology professor who’d been asked about the chicken because of the cult-like procedure stated:

“This is a magical ritual of Cuban origin, probably, with the name ‘Sarabanda,’ which is a deity from the Congo area that was probably used to affect the relationship of these three young people. To me it is alien, the idea of casting your sins on innocent animals.”

According to the vet that treated the chicken, who’s name is Trooper, is recovering very well.


Toe Cheese – It’s What’s For Dinner

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Nope. We know what you’re wishing and your hopes are wrong. That’s not an old rice cake that someone dropped under the couch six months ago. It’s not a urinal cake either…because even that wouldn’t be as bad.

It’s exactly what your brain is screaming that it wasn’t right now…

That’s a block of cheese grown from…hold on to your lunch and put down anything you might be eating right now, kids…

Human toe cheese.

Not only did Christina Agapakis and Sissel Tolaas, who’re a part of an exhibit in Dublin called Grow Your Own…Life After Nature that is full of projects like this, create cheese wheels made from toe cheese. No. They swung for the wall by creating cheese wheels grown from other yummy ingredients like armpit sweat and bellybutton debris.

By scraping the bacteria from places that make every single one of cringe, they cultured that bacteria into cheese wheels that no one should ever, ever, EVER eat for fear of being that person for the rest of their lives.

But then again…if you served it to someone and they didn’t know what it was? Would that be a bad thing if they liked it?

You can let your last meal come up now.

[Sploid (via Gizmodo)]

Most Expensive Scoop of Ice Cream Glows Like a Jellyfish Because It’s Made With Jellyfish

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Is it just us or is it slightly weird that the inventor of an ice cream that seems to come straight from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory would be named Charlie and sport a hat much like the legendary fictional candy crafter?

Charlie Francis, the owner of Bristol’s ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’, has created an ice cream that glows using the parts of a jellyfish that produce its bioluminescence. Easily the most expensive ice cream ever created at around $225 a scoop, the ice cream glows when you lick it.

Currently the proteins needed to produce the glow are being created in a lab and not taken from the jellyfish themselves which is why you’ve got to be willing to skip a car payment for a scoop of the stuff.

First absinthe-flavored popsicles and now glowing, bioluminescent ice cream using jellyfish proteins. We’re not sure what’s next for ice cream but we sure like where it’s headed.


Artist Sculpts Busts of Pop Icons – Out of Lipstick!

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Men typically have no idea just how much women spend on cosmetics, let alone lipstick.

Especially lipstick carved into the busts of pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe, Lady GaGa or even Kate Moss.

Over on an Etsy store called WahahahaFactory, May Sum, an artist in Hong Kong, is selling what is probably the most expensive lipstick ever…and you probably won’t ever actually use it. The going price for a lipstick sculpt of Lady GaGa out of something you’re supposed to smash against your lips?


The better deal is that you can get custom work done, like perhaps a self-portrait, for about $450.

Here’s how to go about the process. The last line of this excerpt from the store’s description pretty much nails the feeling that we’ve landed in some kind of Katy Perry dream-state where this whole thing is just kinda…you know…normal.

“You can customer made your own lipstick sculpture. If you also want a unique lipstick sculpture, or if you want the lipstick have your face on it, now you have chance to get it! Before you place your order, please send us your portrait (better with front and side angle and in good quality). Or send us the reference picture of the object that you want us to sculpt. If it is too complicated, we will get you back and discuss with you how to make it possible.

We will help your dream comes true!”


Russian Drug Krokodil Turning People Into Walkers!

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Bath-salt zombies are SO two years ago…

A drug called Krokodil has started surfacing here in the states.

Created in Russia, Krokodil has claimed approximately 30,000 lives since the early 2000s when the drug began hitting the street. Krokodil costs about a third the price of heroin, is extremely easy to make and has an extremely intense high that belts you almost immediately.

Big deal. It’s another new way to get high, right? What’s so weird about that?

The horrifying effect the drug has on your precious little living body.

You basically become a ‘walker’. ‘Walker’ as in Walking Dead ‘walker’. As in pieces of that precious little living body aren’t so living and begin decaying…from the inside out!

That’s right. At first Krokodil causes blood vessels to break which causes the skin to turn dark green which then becomes dark and scaly…like a…wait for it….crocodile! After the scaly skin and bursting blood vessels, the drug begins rotting you internally. Currently Krokodil has become Russia’s go-to drug because of it’s low cost and minimal, already-in-your-kitchen ingredients.

Now the stuff has turned up in Arizona and New Mexico along with several recent incidents in Illinois.

Just when you thought bath-salt zombies would be the last word in the whole zombie apocalypse scenario.

[CNN’s YouTube]

Snakes Latest Massage Craze in Jakarta

Friday, November 1st, 2013

There’s going to come a point when we’ve just run about used every animal to give human beings massages and facials. That day’s not here yet but by the time we get news that an irate army of fire ants is being used to relax people in a spa in some tiny, remote country we’re probably just going to shrug out an, “Eh.”

Currently a spa in Indonesia is using many peoples’ nightmarish cuddle-buddy to relax them. “Relax” would be the wrong word to use in this case. The theory is that adrenaline, which is triggered by the fear of having a giant python crawling across your naked body, and the snake’s movement, are supposed to be good for your skin.

Fearing for your life sounds exactly like the opposite of the whole idea behind visiting a spa.

[Weather Channel’s YouTube]