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Mother Nature Says, “Get off my lawn!”
Humans attacked by Ants, Bees, Spiders

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Let’s just call it quits, people.

Over the last couple of weeks, Mother Nature has decided to remind all of us who’s really in charge.

Here’s the rundown of recently terrifying yet gentle reminders from her:

Deadly Spiders vs Homeowners:

After purchasing a house from the previous owners who failed to disclose that it was actually a destination spot for the deadly brown recluse spider, the latest owners began discovering spiders everywhere until they were eventually bursting out of the walls.

A conservative estimate of 6,000 spiders were said to be lurking in the house.

[ABC News]

Ants vs Tire-Changing Human:

Then there’s THIS incident where some human needed to change a tire on the side of the road and got in the way of a bunch of ants’ business.

[CBS News]

And finally…

Bees vs Landscapers:

In Arizona several landscapers got too close to a 100 pound hive of Africanized Bees that had taken up residence in the comfy attic of a home the landscapers were working around.

[ABC News]

So…what have we learned this week?

To be terrified of basically everything around us.

Ant The Size Of Hummingbird Fossil Discovered In Wyoming

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

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Imagine an ant so large it could tear your flesh. Now imagine an entire colony of them descending upon you in your sleep.

You wake up almost instantly as the shifting weight of a cadre of insect killers disturbs your dreams. Terror creeps quickly as you come back to the terrifying reality.

You brush off as many as you can, frantically running your hands over your arms and legs while stamping madly on the ground. But your feet can’t crush these resilient bastards. They regroup and circle around your position. This time they try and climb you from the back of your legs.

This is how you die. Cold. Alone. Mutilated by a creature no longer alive in your native time.

Now: be happy you didn’t live 50 million years ago, when these things really existed.

At about 2 inches (5 cm) long, the specimen is a “monstrously big ant,” said Bruce Archibald, a paleoentomologist at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia who reported the discovery today (May 3) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Though fossils of loose giant ant wings have been found before in the United States, this is the first known full-body specimen.

Massive ants of this size have been found before but not in America. It remains a mystery how they arrived there.

[Live Science]