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Putin Does Not Deny The Existence Of Wood Goblins, Yetis

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


While former Russian president Vladimir Putin was publicly flirting with a return to power, he finally gave his opinion on a far more important matter, the ongoing presence of Yetis and Wood Goblins in the remote areas of his expansive home country.

We’ve previously covered this fascinating battle in depth on the site and on the podcast.

Outdoor Life writer Gayne C. Young published a lengthy written interview with Putin about hunting, fishing and camping in the great outdoors of Russia. However, the question and answer we most cared about did not make the final cut. Specifically, it was “Are there Yetis or Russian ‘wood goblins’ in the taiga?”

Here is the answer, as published in a French Magazine:

Putin responded to the question with this answer: “Everything is possible. I recommend you come and look. Will not guarantee success, but the search itself will surely bring satisfaction. ”

[Outdoor Life via Cryptomundo]