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Amazing Kreskin Opens Supernatural Dating Site – Predicts It Will Take Dating to a New Dimension

Friday, March 27th, 2015

In a move only he could’ve seen coming…you know….because he’s who he is…the Amazing Kreskin has opened the gates on a new dating site…

A site for “enthusiasts of the paranormal, the unexplained, the mystical, the implausible…”

While we’re pretty sure the guy-to-girl ratio will probably be a lot like a magic club, Kreskin is predicting (yeah…we know) great things for the site:

“I have a feeling that it’s going to take on a dimension that I never realized.”

With Kreskin’s foresight that online graphic design will eventually swing back around to the geocities-era of the internet, the site will probably lure a niche market of older folks who have seen, captured or smelled a bigfoot or been abducted by time-traveling Atlanteans who need love just like the rest of us.

Which brings up some questions: What sort of beings are looking for love? Will they all be human or other things in diguise? Are there vampires and werewolves worried about the fall out from a public tryst in light of the Twilight movies? Are there off-world species seeking to swing it with a human for a cheap thrill on their way to somewhere else? Are the reptilians using the site for some sinister plot? Will other creatures find that someone special without having to brave daylight, pitchforks and torches?

Or is it just a bunch of lonely, probably really nice people just looking for a little companionship in a big and often harsh, ridiculing reality?

Answers will only come with time…

And filling out the sign up page.


Government Releases 130,000 UFO Files to Public – Aliens Chuckle Because We Still Know Nothing

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Lots of ufologists, saucer-chasers and hunters of little green men became super-excited recently. John Greenewald of the and his continuous efforts to petition the government via the Freedom of Information Act to release Project Blue Book’s files concerning strange things in the sky paid off in spades as thousands of documents were given to the world.

Greenewald has put all of those reports in The Project Blue Book Collection, an archive on his site where you can sift through all of the files from the infamous UFO project created by the government decades ago.

That excitement was short-lived when those same ufologists, saucer-chasers and hunters of little green men realized that all the secrets they’d been waiting for just aren’t there.

According to a lot of online chatter in the extremely chatty community of extraterrestrial enthusiasts, it’s all gone back to square one because of censored documents and allegedly missing reports of some of the more infamous ufo cases.

Is this just a handout to keep the noise level down on a vast, active community who believe aliens are already living among us?

Is the government holding out on deeper, more pressing secrets?

Or are we just alone on this little freaking blue marble and hoping that we’re connected somehow to something bigger than all of this?

[ABC News]

Predator Might Be Hiding on Rosetta’s Comet – Based on the weird sound we’re hearing

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

The jury’s out on what’s causing the sound (which is far, far below the level of human hearing) and a whole lot of theories are being tossed around about it. Everything from magnetic fields to ionization of particles shearing themselves from the traveling comet is suspect at this point.

“This is exciting because it is completely new to us. We did not expect this and we are still working to understand the physics of what is happening.” – RPC principal investigator Karl-Heinz Glaßmeier

Until there’s an answer, which probably won’t be soon because space is just weird, we’re going to assume that the comet is either harboring a Predator who’s looking for payback, the mobile rehearsal space for a marimba-playing Cantina Band member or that we’ve discovered the dial-up connection for an alien race.


Because Florida sits on a Hellmouth…
The Mantis Shrimp

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Florida rides a double-edged sword.

On one side people proclaim it’s a great place to vacation. On the other side are the people who live there who are completely aware of the fact that it’s just wet sand covering a giant Hellmouth.

Seriously…the sky tries to kill people with bolts of lightning, the ground tries to swallow anything that lives on it whole and the things that crawl around aren’t like things that crawl around anywhere else.

Case in point…

A fisherman off the coast caught the Face-Grabber’s cousin the other day.

It’s called a Mantis Shrimp…and the one that was caught (at night we’d like to add) is bigger than most (and probably a sign that something’s also happening in Florida’s water because…well…it’s Florida).

Imagine if you rolled a predator, one of Ridley Scott’s aliens, a mole person, a little bit of a Grim Reaper and a highly skilled ninja into a living animal and slathered it in ugly.

Ta-Da! Mantis Shrimp.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Commission posted a picture of a super-sized one of these nightmares on their Facebook page and it’s gone viral with good reason…it’s terrifying and it lives in the sand…under your feet.

Next time you think about exploring Florida because you’re bored of the theme parks?

Just…here watch this and imagine one of these about 7 times the size of the one in the video…and crawling up your leg.

You’ve been warned.

[FFWC Facebook]

New Clam Looks Like Alien – Becomes Butt of Where’s Waldo Jokes Forever

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Back in 1989 two marine invertebrate biologists were discussing the subject of new species when the both went ‘whoa’ realizing that they’d independently discovered the same creature 1,000 miles apart. One scientist found them in Morro Bay, California while the other scientist discovered them on urchins on Vancouver Island in British Colombia.

Living on the finer spines which rest closer to the body of sea urchins, the Waldo Arthuri, is a small (0.2 inches long) clam-like creature that travels around like a snail. Because the little guys are so fragile it’s been hard for the researchers to really analyze them although they’ve been able to extract DNA which has led them to declare this a new species that’s not documented yet.

Why these things live on urchins is still an unknown.

“What they get out of the relationship is pretty mysterious. The urchin might provide shelter to the clam, and there might be food flowing in the water to the urchin that the clam might be able to filter out and benefit from. What the clam gives to its host, if anything, is pretty unknown.”

[Fox News]

ALIEN Anthology Blu-Ray on Sale at Amazon

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

What better way to support Weird Things and get ready for Prometheus than by watching the original Alien flicks in pristine Blu-Ray quality? This collection includes all four of the series along with extensive behind the scenes features. Get it now for just $29.95

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Jurassic Era Microbes Found Alive, Barely

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Buried Since the Jurassic Era, Ocean Microbes Are Still _Barely Alive_ | Popular Science.jpg

Single cell microbes in the most remote portions of the ocean floor dating back to days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth are indeed alive. But not by much.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaarely alive. Which is a scientific term. Each “a” signifying how much closer to complete nonexistence it is.

Yet still, as Dr. Malcolm teaches us… life finds a way.

Røy and colleagues from Denmark and Germany surveyed red clays buried deep in the Pacific Ocean, along the equator and into the North Pacific Gyre current system. From the research R/V Knorr, they drilled core samples 92 feet into the ocean floor, dating to the time of the dinosaurs, and tested the cores with oxygen sensors. They found that organisms live in the deepest parts of these sediments and that they’re using oxygen for respiration — only incredibly slowly. The deeper the sediments, the less food and oxygen is present, and the less oxygen is used up, too. These organisms have not had access to a fresh food supply since their burial, 70 to 86 million years ago.

The finding could gives new insight into life on other planets. Now that we have an idea of just how durable life in on this particular rock we can have some hope that it could survive in a harsh environment elsewhere across the stars.

[Pop Sci]

My Mother is a Green Alien! British Councilor Confesses

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Contactee Simon Parkes Part 1.flv - YouTube.jpg

I am fond of saying that all politicians are lizard people. Vaguely humanoid creatures drawn to the warmth of public office and the uniquely bizarre responsibilities and customs that go with it.

But that’s just a metaphor. A way to illustrate a healthy distrust for anyone campaigning.

It certainly isn’t true about Councillor Simon Parkes of the UK, who was elected only last month. He isn’t a lizard person. No, according to a confessional vlog on YouTube he’s one half green alien.

He said: “Two green stick things came in. I was aware of some movement over my head. I thought, ‘they’re not mummy’s hands, mummy’s hands are pink’.”

He added: “I was looking straight into its face. It enters my mind through my eyes and it sends a message down my optic nerve into my brain.

“It says ‘I am your real mother, I am your more important mother’.”

He later confesses that his alien background did not come up during his recent campaigning. Furthermore, his extraterrestrial lineage is far more aware of the world around him than the local government he was elected to serve on.

“I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough Town Hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff. People in the Town Hall seem not to be aware of the needs of Whitby.”

You’ve cracked us Councillor Parkes… you’ve earned my endorsement for the next public office you seek. Because, if he’s willing to confess he was raised by a green alien, what could he possibly be hiding?

[The Northern Record] via mxyzplx on Twitter

And Now, a 1982 Book Written by a Woman Claiming to Be from Venus

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


Her name is Vivenus.

She is from Venus.

She looks human.

She wrote a book in 1982.

She plays guitar.

And all she wants you to do is open your heart and experience love an joy instead of letting word police clip your wings. Also, she wouldn’t mind if you purchased her book, which is now repurposed for Kindle.

Here is a snippet…

“Before I came to the Earth plane, when I was at home on Venus, I had a vision of all of you. I felt that the Earth would welcome – if not me – then the truths I would discover to help them find the peace and inner contentment, independent of what happens on the outside. But now I know my vision was a mirage. The Earth seems satisfied to resign itself to depression, despair, and dead ends. Does this planet Earth need me from Venus? Did it ever need me? I still don’t know.”

Vivenus: Starchild will cost you $4.95.

[Amazon via UFO Digest]

Proof: Cloaked Spaceship Revealed Orbiting Mercury

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Sure, alien craft. You think you’re slick kicking it outside of Mercury in your cloaked spaceship? Well you certainly didn’t see a solar flare wave washing over your craft and revealing your planet-sized vehicle for all of human kind to see. Did you? Ya busted.

Or maybe it’s not an alien craft, let us know what you think it is in the comments.

Thanks to Nathan Bliss for passing this along.


SETI Back Online Thanks To Crowdsourcing Effort

Thursday, December 8th, 2011


SETI is officially back online, listening to the stars for intelligent, presumably chatty, life.

The project ended a seven month dark period caused when former partner the University of California at Berkley pulled out due to budget cuts. Faced with a world where cries from alien civilizations could fall on deaf ears, the institute decided to ask for public donations.

$230,000 later, we have our ears back to the train tracks.

“This morning, at 6:18, we began re-observing the Kepler worlds,” Jill Tarter, director of the Center for SETI Research at the SETI Institute, said Monday during the Kepler Science Conference here at NASA’s Ames Research Center. “We’re just extremely excited to be back on the air today.”

The focus now as it was before the shut down are alien planet candidates observed from the Kepler telescope.

Welcome back SETI!


Alien Skull Or Bizarre Baby Deforming Tribal Ritual? You Decide!

Monday, November 28th, 2011

The above picture is one of the following two items:

A) Proof that an alien landed in Peru and died in a cave. The elongated shape of the skull proves it is not of this earth. Besides it looks like the Crystal Skulls in that Indiana Jones move you’d successfully forgotten about before I reminded you.

B) Evidence of a tribal custom of skull elongation. Infants of a certain social standing would have their heads wrapped tightly in a cloth for up to sixth month, creating a sharp conical point.

Baby skull reshaping? Alien evidence? YOU DECIDE!

[Daily Mail]

White House Responds To Petition Demanding Disclosure Of Alien Evidence

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011


The Obama administration has formally responded to an online petition signed by over five thousands respondents demanding the acknowledgement of alien visitation.

Here is what they said…

“The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” said Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, on the website.

“In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

So, no big bombshell. But it would have been really funny if they slipped in one last line like “unless you’re talking about Grornorp, in that case we have no comment.”

But don’t get soured on the White House’s new petition initiative. You can always sign on to the ““We Demand a Vapid, Condescending, Meaningless, Politically Safe Response to This Petition” petition.

[UFO Casebook]

Video Proof: Brazilian Man Finds Alien Corpse In Woods

Friday, October 21st, 2011
Video of the Alien Found in Brazil - The Witness Tells His Story.jpg

Jose Luis is 44 years old with four kids. He doesn’t drink or do drugs. He found an alien corpse in the woods of Brazil and took a video of it.

He’s since been pressured to take it off YouTube but the folks at UFO Casebook have reposted it on their site exclusively. Check out the video there.

[UFO Casebook]

Kiefer Sutherland: If You Don’t Believe In Aliens, You’re Arrogant

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


When Jack Bauer says it, it must be true.

Actor Kiefer Sutherland was asked if he believed in aliens and here’s what he said.

“When I look up at the sky on a clear night and see the wash of stars and planets, and everything that is outside our universe, I have to believe there is life everywhere.

“It would be very arrogant to believe this is the only planet that could sustain some kind of life.”

Although we want to learn how he looks up into the sky and sees beyond our universe, we are totally on Team Kiefer.

[Contact Music]

How One Russian Trucker Became BFF With Visiting Aliens

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Oleg Kirzhakov began November 2nd, 1989 as a Soviet-era, long-haul trucker in Mother Russia. He ended it as best friends to a race of aliens that shared his love for Bigfoot and promised to never be farther than 15 seconds away from him should he ever get into trouble.

En route from the northern territory of Arkhangelsk to capital city Moscow, he and his partner Nikolai stumbled upon what looked to be roadside construction equipment. What they found was something far more important. It was a UFO, complete with a sheen metal exterior, a electronic field that cut off electricity to Oleg’s rig and a telekinetic bond that projected a screen into Oleg’s field of vision so they could communicate.

After a bizarre request for matches, which Oleg fetched only to have a black “mass” come off the ship to retrieve, the curious truck driver decided it was time to get some answers. He boarded the ship.

The recess was a three- dimensional information screen, on which I was shown the interior of another sister ship, with the same moving ‘masses’ (during the demonstration, the two ‘masses’ in our ship were motionless).

Then, they showed a ship in space, among the stars, and at the end of the demonstration, they showed the presenter of a Soviet television program called Vremya.

Oleg couldn’t help but ask a few more questions:

“I asked question after question. The answers I received were heard in my head before I saw them on the screen. I asked, ‘What kind of ship am I on now? What kind of propulsion system do you use to make it fly?’

In response I was told that this spacecraft was a scout ship and used electromagnetic fields to fly. I was also told that they were studying our planet, which they need as a springboard to the future.

In response to my question ‘Do you have any connection with Bigfoot?’, they said, ‘Yes’ and added that they watch Bigfoot continuously.

You love Bigfoot? I love Bigfoot! We totally need to hang out more! When… will… I see you guys again…?

“Then I asked, ‘Is it possible to see you once again?’ They said, ‘If you are in danger we will find you within 15 seconds’.

Oleg de-boarded and got back in his truck while the ship enveloped itself into a ball of light and silently shot to the stars.

Best friends in the galaxy.

[UFO Casebook]