Meteor? UFO? Transformer? What Was In The Sky Over The American Southwest Last Night?

Posted by on September 15th, 2011

A sudden bright spot in the night changed colors from blue to orange before streaking across the sky and disappearing has caused hysteria amongst residents in California, Arizona and beyond.

While many scientists are pegging the light show as the result of a basketball sized piece of interplanetary debris burning up through our atmosphere, we are not so quick to agree. While a spaceship seems unlikely, a secret military satellite being blown out of orbit (as posited in the beginning of Andrew Mayne’s debut novel Public Enemy Zero) and crashing down to Earth could work. From the picture posted above, we also can’t rule out that dozens of sitcom stars had simultaneous given a poignant piece of advice and the resulting streak was simply a The More You Know punctuation.

Do you have a conspiracy theory? Post it below.

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  • BrendanR

    It’s definitely a basketball, thrown by Meadowlark Lemon. From Betelgeuse. Off Jupiter, twice around the moon. Nothing but Troposphere.