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Bizzare Made-For-Hollywood Haunting in Indiana

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Latoya Ammons owns a house in Gary, Indiana where she lives with her three children since 2011. Things were going well until 2012 when it all started getting a little Amityville-like.

Large black flies started appearing in the house, her kids were levitating above their beds or being thrown through the house by unseen demonic forces. All the trappings of some bizarre supernatural joke where a priest, a psychic and the Department of Child Services walked into a house…

DCS (Department of Child Services) filed a report stating that they had witnessed some of the bizarre events firsthand:

“Medical staff reported that while the children were at their primary doctor’s office the medical staff reported they observed (one of the children) be lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him.”

Then this instance that was witnessed by a psychiatric counselor and the DCS worker:

“Child became aggressive and then walked up the wall as if he was walking on the floor and did a flip over the grandmother.”

The situation escalated when two clairvoyants, an exorcism-performing priest and the local police department got involved. The three children were growling at times, photos taken by officers were allegedly showing faces and apparitions and shadowy figures were harming the children.

According to some of the people helping Ammons with her situation, 200 demons were believed to inhabit the house and Ammons believed it was all coming from under the stairs. During one of their many stops at the house, officers checked under the stairs. The concrete floor was broken and revealed the dirt underneath but nothing telling or eerie was found.

A more detailed account of the bizarre, made-for-Hollywood story can be read over on the IndyStar’s site where, after reading the actual police, DCS and even the Catholic priest’s report, you’ll have just have to make up your own mind on this very strange case.

And while you’re at it? Take a look at that photo of the house again. It was taken by one of the police officers after responding to a call from Ammons. Notice anything…maybe watching you?


Great Twitter ESP Experiment Results!

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Speaking of Richard Wiseman, we almost forgot to give you the results of the great twitter ESP experiment we posted on a couple of weeks ago. Watch this video that explains it all. Results were negative for proof of ESP.

Read Wiseman’s write up on it here.

Psychic Prophesized Hewitt’s Break Up

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

You may have heard that Jennifer Love Hewitt just called it quits with her fiance, actor Ross McCall. But according to James Van Praagh, she could have saved herself a year of her life and horrible heart break if she had only known what he knew. The two work on the show “Ghost Whisperer” together. Apparently using his handy psychic sense to pick up the signals emanating from the ether of the universe Van Praagh was able to pick up and decode a spiritual signal telling him that the celebrity relationship was doomed. Praagh believed that McCall was afraid of the married life, but selfishly, did not tell Hewitt…why you ask? Well according to the Times of India Van Praagh said:

“I did not want to break her heart, knowing it would be broken in a few weeks anyway”

But exactly who is this James Van Praagh character and what are his psychic qualifications? The below video by visual artist Jose Alvarez (Perpetrator of the famous ‘Carlos hoax‘ in Australia is our favorite one about Van Praagh, and we believe that it says it all:

…and Part 2

What Does Your Ass Say About You?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

What does your ass say about you? Just ask Australian psychic Sharina, who claims that a reading of your posterior is more effective at predicting your future life success than a more traditional reading of your palms. Watch as she deftly maneuvers her hands, fondling the butt cheeks of fortune seekers. So does the shape of one’s ass really predict the shape of things to come? Here at Weirdthings, we question the efficacy of backside reading to yield insights into personality and suspect that psychic bottom readers may be the ultimate bottom feeders.

Making Star Trek Possible: Mind melding and ESP

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A five-part series that tries to explain how to make the science of Star Trek real…

Spock's early failures at mind melding

An important part of the Star Trek mythos is the idea of mind-to-mind contact. Spock uses this to probe other people’s minds and even transplant his entire consciousness. Counselor Troi used it to read the feelings of other species. It’s a wonderful concept that has fascinated people since at least the 1800’s. Unfortunately, we’re no closer to it being real now then we were back then.

We can imagine all sorts of technology assisted ways to make this real, but there’s nothing sexy about your Vulcan girlfriend asking you to step into an fMRI so she can read your voxels (okay, maybe a little sexy). What we need are some organic solutions or explanations for brain to brain transmission that make the concept a little more plausible. (more…)

Famous Psychic says Swine Flu is No Biggie

Thursday, April 30th, 2009


Stop! Hold it, put down your mask and pick up your pork chop. There is no need to worry your weird heads about swine flu anymore. The nasty virus that originated in Mexico has already claimed many lives, and cases are being reported all over the world, with more than sixty cases in the United States alone thus far. But today you can breath a sigh of relief because swine flu is actually no big deal. So say epedimiologists? So say medical doctors? No! So says famous psychic to the stars Peggy Rometo, and she should know, she works with celebrities.

Read on to hear Ms. Rometo’s take on the current crisis…


Pet Psychic Rescues Tiny Dog Blown Off Trailer

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Psychics are no good at finding missing people, but what about missing pets? The almost tragic tale of Tinker Bell the chihuahua begins at a flea market her owners were attending. Tinker Bell was standing on the roof of her owner’s trailer when a sudden 70 mph gust of wind blew the bite sized canine away. Lavern and Dorothy Utley, Tinker Bell’s owners, were distraught and spent two whole days searching Waterford, MI for their pooch. Finally, in desperation they hired a pet psychic, who reportedly lead them to a wooded spot about a mile from where the dog was lost. Tinker Bell was waiting there unscathed.

We thought a dog being blown off of a trailer was a little odd as well, we speculate that Tinker Bell is actually a witch.