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Computer Sings Interpretations of Human Ballads – Will Probably Sing Robot Overlords Into Battle

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Created by artist Martin Backes, this installation of a lone “robot” singing 90s power ballads is almost hypnotizing in a quietly terrifying way.

Fittingly created with SuperCollider, a freeware audio program that synthesizes audio using algorithms, “What do machines sing of?” is an art project where the machine attempts to mimic human sentiment in an extremely haunting way:

“What do machines sing of?“ is a fully automated machine, which endlessly sings number-one ballads from the 1990s. As the computer program performs these emotionally loaded songs, it attempts to apply the appropriate human sentiments. This behavior of the device seems to reflect a desire, on the part of the machine, to become sophisticated enough to have its very own personality.”

Let’s hope the behavior of this device doesn’t reflect a desire, on the part of the machine, to become sophisticated enough begin giving motivational speeches to robots within earshot on how to overthrow the human race.


Strange Floating Sphere Records Us as it Wanders

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Created by a couple of artists who were interested in the ‘unobserved’ moments of sound that go on in places like stairwells, hallways and, unfortunately for commuters witnessing the bizarre sight of this freaking thing, subways.

Filled with a mixture that is half oxygen, half helium (“balloonium”), the weirdly unsettling, 3 foot nylon sphere floats around recording ambient audio which it then replays on a delay of about twenty minutes.

Although it was meant to be a completely innocent object you can’t shake the feeling watching it cruise around that this thing is part of some Cronenbergian horror film and that the ‘innocent’ floating black sphere wandering the world whispering ghost-like conversations of the past is about to shed its nylon skin and reveal its real purpose.

Says one of its creators:

“A lot of people do interpret it as this sinister moving presence that’s following people around.”

Might be because of all the design choices that could’ve happened like a cute kitten or a doe-eyed baby animal or even the Teenage Mutant Turtles in an awesome group shot you chose a creepy, opaque ball that slowly floats around whispering voices.


Artist Paints 1000s of Pictures with his Tongue!

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

An artist in India has produced over 1,000 paintings. While other ‘fancy’ artists around the world all seem to rely on that simple and outdated tool called the brush, this particular artist is getting back to basics by painting with his tongue.

And before you watch the video, you’ll probably laugh and conjure up images of child-like paintings like a square house, smiling stick figures holding hands and a few upside-down w-birds.

You’d be wrong.

He’s painted an 8-foot image of the Last Supper with his tongue.

The artist in question, Ani K, has also tried painting with his feet, nose and chin before he finally decided on his tongue as his utensil of choice. After completing a painting, he claims to suffer two weeks worth of pain in his jaw, headaches and blurriness of vision.

Ani is also on a mission to paint his way into the Guiness Book of World Records…

By painting four individual paintings at the same time using both hands and both feet.

Should be easy for a guy that once painted while riding a bike.

But still not as creepy as another artist we’ve posted about who used his own blood.

Artist Lovingly Embroiders Portraits – By Sewing Them Into the Flesh of his Hand!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

When many of us are bored and have a writing instrument we tend to doodle.

Whether it’s on a napkin, a table, etching something obscene into a picnic table or our school folders, we’ve all doodled away boredom at one point.

Then there’s always those people that just kind of take such a seemingly innocent act just a little bit further than they probably should.

Meet David Cata’. He doesn’t doodle. He sews.

And he doesn’t sew into napkins, receipts or school folders. Nope.

He sews portraits into the palm of his hand!

If you get a little queasy with this kind of thing just note that Cata’ is a guy that sews portraits into the palm of his hand. If you’re NOT the queasy type
go ahead and press play and witness the process as well as what we’ll call…the uh…erasing of the portrait.

Those threads gotta come out sometime.