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The Heart Attack Grill – Where “Food Worth Dying For” Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Monday, October 21st, 2013

In Las Vegas there is a restaurant that doesn’t hold back the honesty or jerk you around with silly calorie-counting menus that seem to be popping up everywhere. This particular restaurant plasters their slogan ‘Food Worth Dying For’ right up in the front window along with a warning that lets you know that you might possibly suffer a heart attack.

How appropriate for a place called ‘The Heart Attack Grill’.

Featuring an over the top, cartoonish hospital theme, the Heart Attack Grill doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to letting you know that their food could kill you. Jolt Cola is the only soda served in the place and the menu reads like a health advocate’s hell with items like a Quadruple Bypass Burger and fried-in-lard Flatliner Fries.

‘Doctor’ Jon Basso, the guy behind this whole heart attack-inducing establishment, is like some kind of comic book nemesis to those fighting this country’s health issues (seriously…here’s some artwork from his DeviantArt account). His lair is a faux hospital-themed restaurant where ‘nurses’ are ramped up fantasy versions of the real thing and the patrons wear hospital gowns. Even Basso himself isn’t a real doctor but plays one in his restaurant. People are even rolled out in a wheelchair to their cars on occasion. And if you don’t finish a burger in the Heart Attack Grill? You step up to a contraption where you face a small webcam, your hands reach up on either side of your head to grab a pair of handles, one of the establishment’s half-dressed nurses grabs a paddle, walks up behind you and then proceeds to give you a spanking which is then posted online for the world to witness.

And if you’re wondering if anyone’s ever actually had a heart attack eating at the grill? Yes. Four of them. And one of those four won’t be eating there…or anywhere else ever again. In fact, Basso has some of that particular patron’s cremated remains in a bag.

Recently a tiny little lady in one of the staple nurse uniforms was added to the staff. She rides around inside the restaurant in a tiny ambulance only adding to the vision of ‘Doctor’ Jon Basso as the ringleader in one of the weirdest circuses about personal choice the world’s ever seen.

[ABC News]

NASA Developing Printed Food for Astronauts!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

3D printng is the ‘it’ thing right now. It seems like nothing can’t be printed. We can print plastic toys, metal parts and even cell tissues using additive manufacturing. So what’s next?

Food…3D-printed food.

A Texas company is partnering with NASA to explore the idea of printing food during long, deep space missions. Systems and Materials Research and
Consultancy, a company in Austin, was recently awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase 1 contract concerning printing
food for astronauts. Currently astronauts eat foods that lose their micronutrients during the process they go through to become official space-food.

Eventually the prepackaged, off-the-shelf, single-servings the astronauts nom on now will make way for customizable recipes.

Anyone else excited to witness the first live-stream of a 3D-printed Thanksgiving dinner…in space? Us too.

Fanta Wants You To Taste Fanta – By Eating the Print Ad About How Fanta Tastes!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

In another step toward getting our food like the Jetsons, Fanta has created a print ad to describe, in a lot of adjectives, what their orange-flavored soda tastes like…

Then they offer you a chance to taste it.

And not by giving you a redeemable coupon for a cold, delicious orange-flavored drink from the store…

Nope…we’re in the ‘future’ now, kids.

Fanta is asking people to actually eat the print ad which has been created solely for that purpose.

[Ads of the World]

Dig In! Tokyo Restaurant Features Meals Made with Dirt!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Sometimes you go out for dinner and wonder whether or not the guys in the kitchen are fixing your meal based on your server’s impression of you and using questionable ingredients like forehead sweat just to teach you a lesson.

At Ne Quittez Pas (which translates to: “Please don’t leave”, a French restaurant located in Tokyo’s Gotanda District, you don’t have to wonder about weird stuff being put in your food behind your back.


Because Ne Quittez Pas makes it no secret that many of their meals are created using the same thing many of you as a I’ll-stick-anything-in-my-mouth toddler probably taste-tested…


Ne Quittez Pas’ actually has an entire menu featuring dishes made with dirt!

Here’s your list:

Potato Starch and Dirt Soup
Salad with Dirt Dressing
Dirt Ice Cream and a Dirt Gratin
Dirt Mint Tea
There’s also something called “Minerals of the sea and minerals of the land,” an aspic made with oriental clams and the top layer of sediment, and a dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass and burdock root”.

How does gourmet dirt taste? Most of the people partaking of the ground we all walk on have said that it’s a non-issue because the dishes all taste so flippin’ good!

Next time you’re complaining about being hungry? Stop complaining…

Just grab a handful of what’s right under your feet and toss it down.

We’re not responsible for your bad decisions based on our bad suggestions.

Bon Appetit!


Disturbingly Life-Like Edible Chocolate Baby Heads!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

A while back we posted an article about a bakery that looked like a franchise from a Saw film where the creative pastry chef decided to create realistic-looking human body parts from, of all things, bread.

Not to be outdone by some pastry chef, the culinary magicians over at Conjurer’s Kitchen had recently been privately commissioned to provide nightmare fuel for anyone laying eyes on their latest creations…

Edible baby heads made from chocolate.

“A private commission (that’s all we can say), they are solid white chocolate baby heads, and the same size as the head of your average newborn baby. They also TERRIFY me! As I was tweeting earlier there is something SO disturbing about these heads but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s as they have no body, or maybe it’s just as they are a baby’s head?!? Either way I am so proud to be heading up a movement which leads to the creation of amazing edible works of art just like these. We’ll be using them in a project very soon I am sure!!!”

They’re not allowed to let loose the information regarding who commissioned these awesomely amazing, yet disturbing, treats.

We’re pretty sure that we’re happier NOT knowing.


New York Banquet Features a Menu From The Temple of Doom!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Every year at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the annual meeting of the Explorers’ Club takes place. One of the highlights of the event is the gala dinner and its infamous cocktail party which is like the more sophisticated and classy version of the dinner scene from Temple of Doom but with the same menu.

What’s the weirdest thing YOU’VE ever eaten? We’re curious to see just how weird the palettes of WeirdThings’ fans are.

[NatGeo YouTube Channel]

[Video] Corn Prices Go Up – Cows Get Candy!

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Who knew? Corn’s a valuable commodity among beef producers. Problem is that because of drought there’s just not enough of it to feed all those cows which has caused the price to skyrocket. Beef producers are now looking to alternatives to corn until the prices drop back down to something resembling reasonable. The alternative to corn?


Massive amounts of discarded candy from manufacturers.

If you order a burger at your local fast food joint and it tastes like someone spilled a pixie stick on it? You’ll know why.

The Popsicle Responsible for Miracles & Hallucinations All Over London

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

If you’ve never heard of ‘The Icecreamists’, a cutting edge ice cream lab/shop/parlor in Covent, London where owner Mark O’ Connor came under fire last year for his breastmilk ice cream.

But breastmillk was SO last year.

This year, O’ Connor’s latest creation is called the Vice Lolly (for those that’ve never heard the term, ‘lolly’ refers to candy or sweets…there…we’ve performed our community service for the week).

Made from a mix of holy water imported from the spring at the Grotto of Massabielle at Lourdes, sugar and 80% absinthe frozen into the shape of a pistol.

The holy water, taken from a spring where a 14 year-old claimed she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. Thousands now flock to the grotto hoping for miracle cures to whatever ailments they may have. Which is what makes this popsicle so expensive…priests sell the supposed miracle holy water for about $123 a liter (~1 quart).

Next time you’re in London, you can experience your own visions via this absinthe imbued popsicle for about $28 (USD).

[The Icecreamists]

Bite a Face Off Guilt Free with These Bread Heads!

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Ever want to experience what it might be to lash out and just bite into another person’s face without taking bath salts or actually biting another person’s face?

Well now you can. But you’ll have to travel to Kittiwat Anarrom’s bakery in Thailand to have that experience.

Anarrom’s taken baking bread to a whole new horrifying level.

Using his Master’s Degree in fine arts and some culinary ingenuity, Anarrom’s family bakery has become something like a gift shop in a Saw film. Mixing food coloring, nuts and various ingredients, Anarrom has crafted arms, feet and even internal organs to add to the heads he originally produced.

As disturbing as all these loaves of bread look? The look on the faces of your kin at the next holiday meal where you’re required to bring a soup bowl will be priceless.


New Breakfast Drinks Not Close To Weirdest Star Wars Food Tie-In

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

It was announced last week that Think Geek would soon be selling branded breakfast Star Wars breakfast drinks including Dark Side Coffee, Hoth Cocoa and Dagobah Green Tea. But that’s not nearly the weirdest food tie in to the most iconic SciFi franchise of all time.

Yoda Approved Cup Of Noodles

Although not branded specifically, Yoda did hawk the classic boil n’ eat treat loved by stoners world wide in this commercial. What did you think he ate in exile for all those years? It wasn’t like there was a Chick-fil-a around the corner.

Carmel Corn Tubs


The force is with you. And so is that kernel in your teeth that you ate like five hours ago.

Tuna Fish Disco

We are pretty sure this isn’t officially sanctioned by Pope Lucas but it is too awesome not to post. We could have solved this whole galactic rebellion over a nice can of tuna. Disco style.

McNugget Rage! [Weirdest Tirades]

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Everyday this week…Brett Rounsaville brings us the Weirdest Tirades ever thrown.

Ho HO! You say it’s Tuesday night already? You say, where are Brett’s posts?

Well, to you I say, “Wait…what? Seriously? Tuesday? When the hell did that happen?”

Here goes nothing! In honor of “friend of the blog” Mel Gibson’s latest poorly thought out tirade, this week we’ll be looking at some of the weirdest Jekyll and Hyde-esque bouts of rage you’ve ever seen…er, read. (Although you could argue Mel was probably more of a Hyde and Hyder moment.)

First up, Melodi Dushane!

What sent her over the edge? Was it residual anger directed at her parents for spelling her name wrong on her birth certificate, thereby sentencing her to an entire lifetime of leaning over the counter to watch the clerk as he takes down her information, knowing full well she’d have to insist, “No, no. It’s with an ‘I’…”?

Was it an uncontrollable hatred for that guy on the Promenade who told her she looked like a model and for a scant $500 dollars he could get her some “cheap” headshots that would be guaranteed to rocket her heretofore non-existant modeling career into the same eschelon as the likes of Twiggy and Zsa-Zsa Gabor, only to present her with the photo on the right.

Nope. It was Chicken McNuggets.

More specifically, it was a lack of Chicken McNuggets. And as everyone knows, the only appropriate response to a shortage of McNuggets is to hulk out and punch out the drive-thru after smacking the nearest McDonald’s employee in the face.

Yeah. She did that.

The end.

I know this is technically weird rage week…but does anyone out there have any great fast food related stories? When I was researching this one I just kept thinking of when I was that jerk high school kid who always ordered, “a large napkin and diet water…that’ll be all.”

North Korean “Super Drink” Claims To Slow Aging

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Super Juice

This past Friday North Korea announced a new “Super Drink” that purports to give consumers a longer and healthier life.  The drink is made from 30 different plants and contains 60 different “micro-elements” to allegedly  multiply brain cells, reduce geriatric diseases, protect skin, and reduce the effects of aging.

This is all according to the North Korean Government’s news agency so stay skeptical, but the product does claim no side-effects. Considering it’s basically a bunch of plants thrown in a blender that’s probably true, but don’t be surprised if you start glowing in the dark from either awesome new super powers or radiation poisioning.

Who wants to try it first?


Cheerios a Drug?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Alison Smith Reports:

The United States Food and Drug Administration, apparently bored to tears by microbial face paint contamination, took a stand against General Mills in a warning issued on 5 May 2009 for claims made by the #1 toddler finger food – Cheerios.

The FDA’s warning stated that the claims made by General Mills regarding the health benefits of eating Cheerios (specifically, that doing so lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease) would qualify Cheerios as a drug. Ignoring all the fun drug slang phrases I can come up with for this (“Dude, I’m so Cheerioed”), let’s get to the heart of the issue here.