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Bigfoot Tracker Claims License To Kill Bigfoot Granted From Canadian Government

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Georgia-Bigfoot-body-in-a-freezer hoaxer and the “best Bigfoot tracker in the world”, Rick Dyer claims he received permission from the Canadian government to kill a Bigfoot and bring it back to America. Dyer says his team has permission to hunt for anything that has not been discovered yet in the Great White North. “In redneck terms, it’s basically saying we have permission to bring firearms into Canada to hunt for Bigfoot,” said Dyer.

I am 100% sure this will end well and won’t cause any problems at all.

[Bigfoot Evidence]

Horrifying New Speed Bump Makes You Think You’re About To Kill Little Girl

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010


This is what some Vancouver motorists will see surrounding a local school over the next week. It’s a horrific reminder that YOU ARE ABOUT TO RUN OVER A HELPLESS LITTLE GIRLWATCHOUT!!!! Oh wait, it’s fake? I guess we better slow down then…

These kind of remind me of George Bluth hiring a one-armed actor to have his “arm” “ripped off” in front of his children so they’d learn to follow directions.

The illustrations will be removed in a week to evaluate effectiveness.