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Watch: Precious 1966 Original Animated Hobbit Film Recovered Online

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Sure it already has a beloved animated incarnation, which precede the upcoming epic live action version, but why not whet your whistle with this lost gem. Buried like so much treasure guarded by a fierce dragon is this 1966 animated version of the Hobbit, just discovered yesterday.


Fillipino Dwarves Seek Funds To Build Real Life Shire

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


Being a dwarf in Manila can be a rough life. Many desk jobs have height restrictions, leaving an underclass of little people who find gigs singing, wrestling or stripping for tourist dollars. But one bold pioneer seeks to build a refuge for dwarves like himself, he wants to build a little people only colony…

Being free from this constant abuse, says Doron, is the reason why he and about 30 other dwarves are planning to establish a colony.

An investor has donated 16,000 sq m of land near Manila, though the fields still have to be cleared, the houses built, and the businesses started.

But money is tight, and Doron hopes that local politicians will help with funding and that the colony will one day become a tourist hotspot.

So-called dwarf towns have existed in the past – in Coney Island at the turn of the century and more recently in Kunming, China – but not everyone agrees that they help in the long run.

Doron imagines it to be tourist hot spot playing off the natural fascination many Filipinos have for dwarves. For now though, Doron must continue working his day job as a bartender at a popular dwarf bar The Hobbit House.


Hobbit Fight Breaks Out At Anthropology Conference

Monday, April 19th, 2010

New controversial new research suggests that a separate “hobbit” hominid evolved on an Indonesian island after migrating from Africa more than one million years ago. Apparently they had the “There” part down. “And Back Again”? Not so much.

[Science News]