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Did Someone Die in Your House? Website Offers Answer for a Price

Monday, October 21st, 2013

It’s that time of year again, kids. People start telling ghost stories about “someone who died in this house a long time ago.”

Now there’s a site where you can call them out for lying or freak yourself out a whole lot more when you realize that they’re not joking about someone dying in the place where you’re holding what was supposed to be a fun Halloween seance. is a site that can tell you whether or not someone died in a particular home. In some states it’s not required to reveal whether someone died in the home you’re about to purchase or rent.

Charging $11.99 per search is a little pricey for most but for those people who keep hearing footsteps in the middle of the night or keep wondering why the cabinets in the kitchen open and close by themselves? That might be the best twelve bucks they ever spent.


Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes – In The Most Disturbing Way Ever!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Because death and urns with your loved one’s ashes aren’t surrounded by enough creepy stories, a fun company called Cremation Solutions has decided to knock the creep factor over the wall. How?

By using a 3D printer to create an amazingly creepy look-alike head of your loved one that contains said loved ones ashes.

No…really…This isn’t a fun, faux site put up as a joke. This is legit, kids. You can now sit home and stare lovingly at the lifeless eyes of a remains-stuffed replica head of your loved one. These things make great conversation pieces too!

Guest: “That’s interesting. Are you into cosmetology?”

You: “No. That’s my ex-wife.”

Fun, right?

Before you get excited and click that Paypal button, there are some things to consider. The head doesn’t come with hair. It can either be added digitally (we’re not really sure what that means…but we’re guessing it’ll end up a lot like putting hair on those little Lego figures) or you can purchase a wig. We’re also not sure about the following line:

The full sized personal urn can hold all the ashes of an adult. For holding just a portion of the ashes, we recommend the keepsake sized personal urns.

Does that mean mini versions of your loved ones are available? We’re not sure.

We’re also not sure we want to know.

Wait…did that thing just wink?
[Cremation Solutions]

440 lb. Corpse Proves Too Fatty, Sets Crematorium Ablaze

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Ever grill during the summer? Ever notice how much more the flames rage when they hit a nice piece of fat?

It’s no different for human beings.

A crematorium in Austria caught fire recently not because of an arsonist, not because of some kid playing with matches and definitely not because some some dude tried to torch another dude who’d done too many bath salts before he went out among the populace searching for his next meal.

No. This particular blaze was caused by burning fat. Human burning fat.

A 440-pound Austrian woman was being cremated when the device became overheated and thick black smoke bellowed out of the machine and into the building. When firefighters arrived and tried to put it out they realized that even the vent had been covered in burning fat and was also on fire preventing them from using it to clear the smoke.

After spraying water through the vents from outside and controlling the fire raging from the cremation machine, firefighters were covered in the thick, oily soot you see in the photo.

While several crematoriums around the world are installing larger machines to accommodate the world’s expanding waistlines, many have yet to jump on board.

[Daily Mail]

City Orders Man to Dig Up His Dead Wife From Front Yard

Friday, April 6th, 2012

A man has lost his valiant fight to keep the government out of his front yard… where he buried his wife. James E. Davis buried his wife Patsy there after she died in 2009. What followed was a three year battle with the city after his permit to legally declare his front yard a private cemetery was rejected.

…the Stevenson City Council voted to deny Davis’ application, citing concerns of the perpetual care of the cemetery, location and size of the small lot, impact of the cemetery on property values and citizens’ complaints with the location of the cemetery. There were also concerns about future liability of the city to maintain the cemetery.

Davis has 30 days to appeal and was ordered to pay court costs.

[The Daily Sentinel] via Tony Ley