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Honey Pot Ant Is The Weirdest Thing In The Desert

Friday, August 21st, 2009

The Honey Pot Ant is the Weirdest Thing In The Desert according to our Weird Thing Tiny Chat this week. Here is a brief description by Wikipedia.

Many insects, notably honey bees and some wasps, collect and store liquid for use at a later date. However, these insects store their food within their nest or in combs. Honey ants are unique in using their own bodies as living storage, but they have more function than just storing food. Some store liquids, body fat, and water from insect prey brought to them by worker ants. They can later serve as a food source for their fellow ants when food is otherwise scarce. In certain places, they are eaten by people as sweets and are considered a delicacy.

These ants can live anywhere in the nest, but in the wild, they are found deep underground, literally imprisoned by their huge abdomens, swollen to the size of grapes. They are so valued in times of little food and water that occasionally raiders from other colonies, knowing of these living storehouses, will attempt to steal these ants because of their high nutritional value and water content. These ants are also known to change colors. Some common colors are green, red, orange, yellow, and blue.

Thanks to everyone who helped out this week! Next week’s contest will be to find the Weirdest Plant In The World. Email nominations to JustinRobertYoungATGmail!

Kim Jong-Charlie and the Candy Factory

Friday, March 20th, 2009

EXCELLENT! Finally, my plan to bring joy to the children of the world using gumdrop guided missiles can come to fruition!

“EXCELLENT! Finally, my plan to bring joy to the children of the world using gumdrop guided missiles can come to fruition!”

This photo makes us happier than a despot in a candy store. Pictured above is North Korea’s fearless leader Kim Jong-Il inspecting a candy factory, and reminding us that even an evil dictator can have a sweet tooth. According to Kim Jong Il’s former head chef, he has a discriminating pallet and an affinity for Japanese rice cakes. Shady authoritarian rulers and sweet, delicious candy might seem a bit incongruous, but hey, Adolf Hitler was a serious chocoholic and adored chocolate cake. We’re glad that the quality of North Korean candy is enough of a concern for Kim that he took time out of his busy schedule to inspect it and pose for a few pictures while looking fly in his sporting white lab coat.