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Dig In! Tokyo Restaurant Features Meals Made with Dirt!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Sometimes you go out for dinner and wonder whether or not the guys in the kitchen are fixing your meal based on your server’s impression of you and using questionable ingredients like forehead sweat just to teach you a lesson.

At Ne Quittez Pas (which translates to: “Please don’t leave”, a French restaurant located in Tokyo’s Gotanda District, you don’t have to wonder about weird stuff being put in your food behind your back.


Because Ne Quittez Pas makes it no secret that many of their meals are created using the same thing many of you as a I’ll-stick-anything-in-my-mouth toddler probably taste-tested…


Ne Quittez Pas’ actually has an entire menu featuring dishes made with dirt!

Here’s your list:

Potato Starch and Dirt Soup
Salad with Dirt Dressing
Dirt Ice Cream and a Dirt Gratin
Dirt Mint Tea
There’s also something called “Minerals of the sea and minerals of the land,” an aspic made with oriental clams and the top layer of sediment, and a dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass and burdock root”.

How does gourmet dirt taste? Most of the people partaking of the ground we all walk on have said that it’s a non-issue because the dishes all taste so flippin’ good!

Next time you’re complaining about being hungry? Stop complaining…

Just grab a handful of what’s right under your feet and toss it down.

We’re not responsible for your bad decisions based on our bad suggestions.

Bon Appetit!


Indian Military Investigating Holy Man Claiming 70 Years Fast

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Mailplane for

In an effort to make a super soldier, the Indian military has turned to a holy man who claims to have not eaten in over 70 years since he was blessed by a goddess.

India’s Defense Research Development Organization thinks it may have found a new secret weapon: an 82-year-old holy man named Prahlad Jani. His tactical advantage: longevity. Jani claims via the UK’s Telegraph that he has not consumed food or drink for 70 years, and military authorities are conducting a rigorous study to see if he’s onto something they could use.

Skeptical? You should be. Medical science says — and there’s some variability here based on differences in metabolism, environment, etc. — that after 3 to 5 days of fasting your glucose levels get seriously out of whack. If you’re still hanging around at day 50, you’re tougher than most. That’s if you’re drinking water. If not, “your body can survive a maximum of 3 days without the intake of water, assuming you are at sea level, at room temperature, and a relative humidity,” says Bruce Zawalsky of the Boreal Wilderness Institute. That’s a far cry from seven decades.

Jani is currently under military observation.

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