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New Cousin to the Velociraptor Discovered in China

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Liaoning Province in China is known for the substantial amount of dinosaur fossils that’ve turned up in the dirt there. Over the years everything from insects to fish to plants have been discovered in such detail that even skin textures have been left behind in the rock.

Now it appears that a new feathered dinosaur that is cousin to the Velociraptor can be added to the long list of discoveries there.

The new dinosaur with a ridiculous name to try and pronounce, Zhenyuanlong suni, stood at about 5 feet tall, had wings too short to allow them to fly and some of the most complex feathers seen on a dinosaur up to this point. The feathers’ complexity is clearly visible on the rock that the near-complete skeleton has been found in and resemble the feathers of today’s eagles.

Professor Junchang Lü from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences’ Institute of Geology:

“The first feathered dinosaurs were found here and now our discovery of Zhenyuanlong suni indicates that there is an even higher diversity of feathered dinosaurs than we thought. It’s amazing that new feathered dinosaurs are still being found.”

It’s also hugely terrifying to think of these semi-flying, feathered 5 foot dinosaurs tracking you down to feed their young.


Idaho High School Catches Ghost or Possibly a Predator on Surveillance Video

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

In mid-September, surveillance cameras at Pocatello High School in Idaho caught what paranormal investigators are calling a human-looking figure wandering the halls during the winter break.

After seeing the video, you’ll probably shake your head, “Nope. Predator.”

During the video, lights repeatedly act strange and flicker on and off before the arrival of the figure. Then the figure makes its appearance outside of the men’s restroom. This knocks out the whole ghost theory.

Pocatello High School has been around since 1917. Over the years it’s been more like Sunnydale with stories of weird activity from suicide pacts to shadow figures to a mysteriously playing piano to the ghost of a drowned boy who died in the school’s pool.

Paranormal investigators were called in to look over the security footage. While excited about the footage, they can’t determine what it is. Shadow figure? Prank-playing science teacher who discovered invisibility? Predator? Sue Richards?

No one’s sure what strolls the halls of Pocatello High…but now it’s been caught on camera so let the hypotheticals begin!

Best part of the story for you long-time fans of Weird Things?

The paranormal group is called SPIRO.

[Idaho Local News 8]

Real Cloak of Invisibility? Company Develops Stealth Material!

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Harry Potter had one. Frodo Baggins had one. Even Max from Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place had one.

In fact, just about every single geek on the planet at some point in their life has probably hypothesized about how cool it would be to have some kind of a cape or blanket that you could cover yourself in and become instantly invisible.


Well that might soon become a reality.

While we’re still going to have to keep to our hypothetical invisible scenarios in our grinning heads, it won’t be long until soldiers, special ops agents and even….uh…submarines…begin using something called ‘Quantum Stealth’ to get all Predator-like.

Guy Cramer, the president and CEO of Hyperstealth Biotechnology in Canada, is vaguely but loudly declaring that he’s developed an invisibility cloak-like material!

After checking his site and looking at the ‘mock-up’ photos on display, we’re secretly hoping this is a serious technology that’s about to put old-school camouflage in the closet. Poking around online to see if there was ANY hint at what Cramer is developing turned up nothing that actually shows off the technology. He’s claiming that if a soldier were wearing his top secret material you wouldn’t know he was there until you tripped over him.

Pretty bold claims considering we’ve seen this kind of promise before.

But if we know our audience? We’re guessing you’re all crossing your fingers, doing some kind of little victory dance and hoping it’s true too.


Terrifying Shrimp Once Thought To Be Earth’s First Predator, Proven To Be Total Wuss

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


He once prowled the primordial sea, ruling all he surveyed. Legend would speak of this carnivorous shrimp in hushed, reverential tones for it was truly Earth’s first predator.

Until we found out yesterday that it was just like any other stupid shrimp and wasn’t carnivorous at all.

A new 3-D modeling of the mouth parts of the Anomalocaris, along with evidence that these parts were not hard like teeth, but flexible, shows that the famed predator could not have been munching on the hard shells of trilobites and other such creatures of the early seas.

Just for that, I’m headed to Red Lobster. Endless Shrimp is back and I’m gonna eat 75 of of this dude’s descendants.

[Science Daily via reader Dan Wheeler]

Three Issues About <i>Predator</i> That We Demand Be Explained Immediately

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Recently, I’ve discovered that the Predator films – as much as I love ‘em – perplex the heck outta me. Maybe it’s the way they’re clearly set up as indictments generic viagra online of mankind’s violent nature, but then end up devolving into squib-rigged firestorms of mud-smeared pecks and Gary Busey. Or maybe it’s just my verging-on-inappropriate affection for the “Alien” franchise. Either way, here, for your review, is what little sense I can make from the Predator series’ bizarrely ambivalent relationship cialis generic with violence and horror.

skitched-20100107-161416.jpgA Hunter vs. Hunted Switcharoo Mindbender

The Predators, a race of techno-tribal alien hunters whose social hierarchy hinges on the skillful collection of alien skull trophies, are clearly meant to recall humanity’s barbaric beginnings, and society’s continued relationship with animal life vis-á-vis recreational hunting. The viewer is horrified by the monstrous Predator’s attempts to kill and de-skull innocent humans… but, wait… Switcharoo Mindbender! Humans happily traipse around the forests murdering animals and hauling home their disembodied heads for boastful mounting. A gob-smacking thematic twist – except that the movies never really address anything resembling recreational hunting, and the first film actually rewards Arnold for possessing the kind of trap-building field knowledge that would seem a quintessential example of hunting acumen. If we are meant to reassess our societal acceptance of sport hunting in light of our disgust at the Predator’s actions, count my acceptance un-reassessed – I thought the movies were about blowing up stuff and then high-tailing it to da choppa.

Given that both films also take place in war-ravaged settings, perhaps the message is a brusque tsk tsking of intra-species violence…

Human War-Mongering

buy levitra online

The heat-signature Predator POV shots seem to imply that, at least when hunting on Earth, the Predators naturally gravitate toward the balmy spiciness of homicidal violence. Given that the Predator culture seems to value corpse quality over corpse quantity, it makes sense that the hunters would naturally seek out the strongest, most cunning human warriors by visually scanning the Earth for active conflict

s. The larger notion here, of course, is that the Predators only continue returning to Earth because our species is so adept at physical warfare that we continue breeding able-bodied soldiers, who offer a challenge to even the advanced tech and near-instinctual stealth of the Predator species. Predator 2 even ends with that wonky scene where the elder Predator tosses the victorious Danny Glover a flintlock pistol from the 1500s, indicating that the Predators have a long and bloody history of Earthen murder vacations. It might even be fair to suggest that the Predators choose the flintlock as Glover’s reward because, in their limited experience with humans, they’ve come to understand the firearm as the cornerstone of human civilization. Of course, they seek out violence so no doy they’d come to that conclusion – and even if the movies are pleading with us to give up our fussin’ and feudin’ so as to spare ourselves the occasional housecall from violent aliens, the message doesn’t really have any bearing on humans not living in a Predator movie so… maybe the films are really talking about the method of our violence?! (???)…

Honorable Warriors

Even in the ill-advised Alien Vs. Predator series, we’re continually offered a stark juxtaposition of Predator violence and Predator honor. In Predator 2, during the subway attack, the Predator scans a woman, sees that she’s pregnant and moves on without harming her. Likewise, in AvP, a Predator notes Weyland’s malignant cancer and foregoes slaughter until Weyland himself initiates violence, at which point the Predator does not hesitate to gank with gusto. Maybe, then, it’s the intention of the films to show us that, while the Predator species is barbarically violent, they live by a finely honed species-wide honor code that defines their violence as something more akin to cultural ritual than chaotic bloodshed. Humans, on the other hand, are known to enact violence viagra experience carelessly, thoughtlessly and without any notion of nobility. Even so, both films are clearly tailored such that the viewer roots for a human hero.

In the end, maybe it’s better that the Predator

films remain a simple paean to the glory of exploding vehicles and eviscerated corpses. After all, the fact that there’s such a eager, viable demographic for awesome, violent films like these says more about humanity’s innate barbarism than any belabored plot metaphor ever could.