Woman Claims Painting Haunted By Headless Ghost

Posted by on November 4th, 2011

It’s a painted picture of a paranormal photograph. But aside from alliteration, it’s also haunted by the headless ghost captured in the photo and immortalized in the artwork.

Office Havoc. I took the framed painting with some others for a display in a business location. We hung the ghost painting on the wall behind an office desk. Three days later, people from the office called and asked me to come pick up the ghost painting. Every morning, they claimed, the painting was crooked. They would straighten it, and the next morning it would be crooked again. Also, appointments were inexplicably messed up and papers went missing. They were actually afraid of it. I took the painting back.


Sure, a few mussed papers, no biggie. But wait! It even communes with zombies from the deep!

My husband and I were sitting in the garage talking to the little neighbor girl who had come over to visit. On the garage wall were three large dried starfish. They were hanging securely on roofing nails. The garage door was open, but there was no wind blowing or air movement. Suddenly, the largest starfish came sailing off the wall and landed on the concrete floor. It sailed across the floor about six to seven feet.

And still more! It cheats at cards! This spectral fiend has a missing sportsmanship to go along with the lack of head.

Our neighbor wanted to show his mother-in-law the photos of my paintings and took them home with him. They left the pictures laying on the table and started playing a three-handed card game in which a dummy hand must be dealt. When they picked up the dummy hand, every card of the dummy hand was in one suit. That scared them to death, he told me.

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