California Man Fears Murder Charges After Killing Two Sasquatches

Posted by on July 6th, 2011

Plumas County CA  Google Maps

A California hunter is fearing for his livelihood after killing a mother Sasquatch and one of her children on a desolate road. According to web rumors culled by, the man is worried that the killing violates his California hunting license which strictly regulates what can and cannot be killed. Bigfoot is nowhere to be found on the list of animals appropriate to kill. Furthermore, new DNA evidence about the elusive Bigfoot could prove the animals to be partially human which could open him up to murder charges.

The story is that a hunter in Plumas County, CA was threatened by a female Bigfoot, old enough to have gray hair. She was, according to him, blocking the road and making gestures that made him feel threatened, so he got out of his vehicle and shot her.

Then he says there were two young Sasquatches in the forest nearby, obviously upset by the female’s death. The hunter is reported to have shot and killed one of them.

The story continues that there were two other hunters with him. One became hysterical and they took away the rifle and wouldn’t let him shoot the third Bigfoot.

Trial of the century?

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3 Responses to “California Man Fears Murder Charges After Killing Two Sasquatches”

  1. Jason the Cripple Says:

    Try him in Florida, he might get off too.

  2. busterggi Says:

    Heck, just selling one of the corpes would cover his legal fees.

  3. Marshall B. Says:

    That bigfoot is not on the California list of animals you can shoot is comepletely understandable. They (California) have prudently realized that because bigfoot does not exist, there is no reason for it’s inclusion on that list.