Proof? Russian Girl Caught Flying In Forest

Posted by on June 22nd, 2011

We can’t understand a word of this report but it seems as if a nosy dog owner recording his mutt running around happened upon some kind of levitation training session. A girl wearing a red parka levitates what looks to be 12 feet off the ground and hovers. She returns to the ground and then runs away with an older supervisor.

Are there a team of Russian mutants training in the woods? You be the judge.

Thank to Weird Things reader Kevin for sending this in.


11 Responses to “Proof? Russian Girl Caught Flying In Forest”

  1. Sirwashbrook Says:

    Another strong piece of evidence to state … ” what the hell is it with Russia !”

    All though I do hope this is real , and I want that power

  2. Leon Says:

    Gah! I’ve had these little brats flying around my neighborhood for a while now. I’m glad that one of them finally got straight cold busted flying around.

  3. Sirwashbrook Says:

    Straight cold busted son !

  4. Sirwashbrook Says:

    Straight cold busted son !

  5. pompadur Says:

    this is thing happend in Romania, the place where i live and the mother and the small girl that levitated are, i think, also romanian. This country is full of shit so don’t expect this to be different, plus the reported seemed to be just screwing with the topic. 

  6. Ryan Says:

    That sounded like the same music as from the Max Payne video game. Anyone else catch that?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Is the girl flying or is the old woman levitating her with telekinesis? Or maybe the little girl is attached to strings that wood goblins, located in the trees above, are holding her up by.

  8. Sirwashbrook Says:

    I am sick of these wood goblin interfering 

  9. Bryce Says:

    If you watch from 1:35 to 1:40, you can see the clear outline of a man operating a pulley system that is suspending the girl in the air. The Russians need to learn proper After Effects techniques. 

  10. Joseph Says:

    Wood Goblins, You Be Trollin’

  11. busterggi Says:

    It looks to me as if there is someone pulling a rope a little further on & that the girl just grabbed it & was pulled up,