And Now… A New Species Of Bat That Looks Like Yoda

Posted by on October 7th, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen… please make your introductions to a new species of fruit bat found near Papua New Guinea. He also looks like Yoda.

On a clerical note, this was sent to me within an hour by both of my Weird Things podcast co-hosts Andrew Mayne and Brian Brushwood. For the record, Andrew was first.

[Daily Mail]

  • First! FTW!!!! How’s my posterior taste Shwood!

  • no way that comment could come back & bite you on the ass

  • Dewitt_b

    A wizened looking fellow he is.

  • Personally, I am getting more “ghoulies” than yoda.

  • Personally, I am getting more “ghoulies” than yoda.