[Video] Corn Prices Go Up – Cows Get Candy!

Posted by on August 27th, 2012

Who knew? Corn’s a valuable commodity among beef producers. Problem is that because of drought there’s just not enough of it to feed all those cows which has caused the price to skyrocket. Beef producers are now looking to alternatives to corn until the prices drop back down to something resembling reasonable. The alternative to corn?


Massive amounts of discarded candy from manufacturers.

If you order a burger at your local fast food joint and it tastes like someone spilled a pixie stick on it? You’ll know why.

2 Responses to “[Video] Corn Prices Go Up – Cows Get Candy!”

  1. Shawn Shelton-Zieger Says:

    The perfect solution of course: Candy corn!

  2. Evilfish Says:

    I actually work in an animal feed mill. Last week we got a shipment of ground up oreos and sprinkles to mix in with our feed. The feed is not entirely candy. Its still mostly corn. Just not as much.