AI’s Musical Revolution: From Doom Musicals to Broca’s Brainy Beats

Posted by on April 18th, 2024

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In this episode, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young, and Brian Brushwood explore the fascinating frontier of AI-generated music. They kick things off with a nod to AI’s role in creating a musical version of Doom, then pivot to discussing various AI music platforms like Sun AI and Audio, comparing their capabilities and outputs. The trio marvels at the potential for AI to revolutionize everything from personalized songs about daily itineraries to educational tunes about complex subjects like Broca’s area in the brain. Throughout, they maintain a blend of awe and skepticism, pondering the implications of AI’s rapid development on creativity, education, and personal expression.


Brian Brushwood: Fallout TV series

Justin Robert Young: The Regime on HBO

Andrew Mayne: Shogun

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