Keep the Lights On, I Want to Charge My iPod [Weirdest Inventions]

Posted by on June 21st, 2010

Everyday this week…Brett Rounsaville brings us the Weirdest Inventions ever conceived.

A topic like this, sometimes you owe it to the world to pay lip service to the big clichés. Case in point, I think we can all agree that if there’s one group of people we know we can count on to come up with one of the weirdest inventions we’ve ever seen…it’s the Japanese.

So now, the problem becomes, where do we start? Which Japanese invention will hold today’s place of honor firmly in position while adding the necessary support to present it in the best possible light? Which Japanese invention will simultaneously lift the bar and separate itself from the pack? Which Japanese invention will allow for the most gratuitous use of thinly veiled innuendo?

I bring you…The Solar Powered Bra! (I can’t help but feel this is the perfect time for Thus Spake Zarathustra to reach its crescendo.)

I’m not even sure what I love most about this. Is it the beverage holding pouch attached to either… er… chest… piece…? Is it the extra-literal use of the term “green?” The scrolling LED billboard?

Ultimately, I think I’m just happy that women are finally being released from the shackles of having to plug their cell phones into a wall to charge while they sleep. Every. Single. Night. How daunting.

Finally, they have the freedom to charge their electronics as they go about their business in the work-a-day world! Provided it’s sunny out. And they aren’t wearing any clothes…

Also, please don’t wear this current coursing corset out and about on a rainy day. Or wash it. Or…I better stop now.

What do you think? Weird enough for you? If you’re a girl, can you imagine wearing one of these? If you’re a dude, can you imagine wearing one of these? Can you do weirder? Impress me, Team. Let me hear your thoughts.

6 Responses to “Keep the Lights On, I Want to Charge My iPod [Weirdest Inventions]”

  1. Michael Hogan Says:

    Round Two starts now Rounsaville!

    I don't know much about weird technology but I do have the anti swearing mug! It is a usb device named the Pepper Mouth and it lets off bad fumes every time someone types something bad with the key board.

    Here is the link:

  2. Brett Rounsaville Says:

    That's pretty awesome…you actually have that?

  3. Michael Hogan Says:

    No, but if I did I know that it would do some very mean things to some people I know. Wonder how long it would take for them to find it.

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  5. a. Says:


    so the solar panel is on your stomach? is it for like when you go tanning? but why would you wear a green velour bustier to lie in the sun? and why does it have pouches? and there's a huge thing sticking out of the side!
    how is this any better than just carrying a solar charger in your purse?

    ughhhh my brain hurts 🙁

  6. Brett Rounsaville Says:

    I know, right?!