Grieving Mother Gets Morbid Tattoo

Posted by on June 22nd, 2010

tatoo When our loved ones pass away we are often told that they will always be with us. Kim Mordue of Wales took that comforting advice a little too literally.

When her son passed away from a drug overdose, Mordue memorialized him in a most unusual fashion. She mixed the deceased’s ashes in with tattoo ink and had her husband give her a memorial tattoo with the mixture.

“I’ve put Lloyd back where he started,” she says, “he’s in my body again.”

This isn’t the first unusually artistic (and creepy) use of ashes in recent history.  When former Marvel Comics editor Mark Gruenwald passed away in 1997 his final wishes were that his ashes be used for a limited-edition print run of Squadron Supreme, a comic he wrote in the 80’s.

Do you know any weirder ways people have used the ashes of the dead? Let us know in the comments!


4 Responses to “Grieving Mother Gets Morbid Tattoo”

  1. Michael Hogan Says:

    Is that Jack Black?

  2. GL Says:

    It is certainly less strange than getting a tat of Jack Black.

  3. Bill Says:

    That it is. Good eye!

  4. Nadinecwood Says:

    its not weird in the least it is a beautiful gesture of love of a mother for her son…