440 lb. Corpse Proves Too Fatty, Sets Crematorium Ablaze

Posted by on June 8th, 2012

Ever grill during the summer? Ever notice how much more the flames rage when they hit a nice piece of fat?

It’s no different for human beings.

A crematorium in Austria caught fire recently not because of an arsonist, not because of some kid playing with matches and definitely not because some some dude tried to torch another dude who’d done too many bath salts before he went out among the populace searching for his next meal.

No. This particular blaze was caused by burning fat. Human burning fat.

A 440-pound Austrian woman was being cremated when the device became overheated and thick black smoke bellowed out of the machine and into the building. When firefighters arrived and tried to put it out they realized that even the vent had been covered in burning fat and was also on fire preventing them from using it to clear the smoke.

After spraying water through the vents from outside and controlling the fire raging from the cremation machine, firefighters were covered in the thick, oily soot you see in the photo.

While several crematoriums around the world are installing larger machines to accommodate the world’s expanding waistlines, many have yet to jump on board.

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  1. mxyzptlk Says:

    See, you want to use a lower, slow, steady heat, and be sure to keep the coals evenly spread.