Snake Eats Full-Sized Pitbull – Will Probably Move on to Humans Next

Posted by on February 11th, 2014

WARNING: IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH ABOUT ANIMALS EATING ANIMALS AND BEING CUT OPEN TO REVEAL EATEN ANIMALS? Netflix has My Little Pony and you should probably play some of those instead of the above video.

While we all worry about robots taking over our planet, snakes are quietly learning to fly, take over large land masses, moving in and nesting in our homes and now?

They’re swallowing man’s best friends…whole.

Locals in Cuiaba, Brazil spotted a ridiculously large snake with with a grotesquely distended stomach…so they investigated….and shot video of the ‘investigation’.

2ND WARNING: This video ain’t for the squeamish.

Everyone else? Hit that play button.

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