Disney / Star Wars Hangout LIVE!

Posted by on October 31st, 2012

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  1. Adam Paulauski Says:

    Bah I so wanted in on this discussion. 😛

    I think it goes one of two ways… 1) a generation removed so Liea, Luke, and Han CAN appear as supporting cast to a new, younger generation of Jedi. 2) Go thousands of years past ROTJ to get away from the Skywalkers into new territory.

  2. Adam Paulauski Says:

    A complete Star Wars theme-park would ROCK!! Want to recreate the Battle of Hoth!

  3. Adam Paulauski Says:

    Thanks for streaming the talk guys.

  4. Gregory Muir Says:

    Just let it die. For a while it had a good run, then it became Weekend at Bernie’s with the smell becoming too much to stand. Just bury it and leave us the good memories. If someone wants to come along later and reuse the old tropes, more power to them, but make it something new for a new generation, not a rehash of the old. Star Wars and Indiana Jones were homages to childhood memories, not literal retellings. Works better that way.

    I just can’t imagine anything good to come of this. Willing to be proven wrong but I trust Disney about as far as I can toss the Spaceship Earth ball.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The ForceCast podcast did a big multi-hour episode on the acquisition. They had Lucasfilm head of Fan Relations’ Steve Sansweet on, a ‘Star Wars Insider’ staff member, Rebelscum website member, someone participating in the expanded universe and others.

    One participant hosts a Disney news site covering all parts of the company and he discussed the theme parks. He said Disney is readying their Shanghai Resort and Star Wars is very big in Asia. So he feels its a perfect match to have a ride there. 2015 is when the Resort opens I believe.

    Another podcaster said the community has always looked at the blueprints Lucas has submitted for future building. He noted proposed plans for stages (seems LFL wants larger space for making these virtual sets) and casting offices on the Ranch. This indicated that he, or the company, were never done producing movies.

    Mayne said Harrison Ford never pushed himself in acting. I think he did so in ‘The Mosquito Coast.’

    I remember James Cameron saying, a little while ago, all he wanted to do was just ‘Avatar’ sequels. Now he says he might do other things along the way. I think these big tent-pole movies are tough to do. I doubt a lot of the big names mentioned would want to tackle another franchise. Better to get younger people involved, someone who has done smaller effects movies that have been well received.

    Mark Hamill cant seem to not do interviews lately. Ever noticed how different his voice is now?