Did a Trail Camera Capture a Passing Zombie?

Posted by on October 16th, 2012

zombie trail camera.jpg

We are pretty sure this picture from a trail camera in Luneberg County, VA is either not real or some kind of lighting trick. But also… HOLY SMOKES THAT’S A ZOMBIE! THE END IS NIGH!

Thanks to reader J Lowder Jr. for sending this along.

What’s that? You want a terrifying close up? Okie dokie!

zombie trail camera-1.jpg

6 Responses to “Did a Trail Camera Capture a Passing Zombie?”

  1. Dan Arndt Says:

    Holy shit. Holy, holy shit.

  2. jblaske Says:

    There’s a second one, and maybe even a third behind the first two.. holy crap!

  3. Tim Deputy Says:

    I say Shenanigans. You can see the reflection of a floor lamp on the left. Some kind of double exposure or editing is going on here.

  4. Shawn Shelton-Zieger Says:

    A picture of a tv screen of some sort. Maybe with a bad movie on it.

  5. Ashbuhbee Says:

    I agree that it appears to be a few of the shambling hordes headed right for us. HOWEVER, it also appears to be CG, only from what I can see. Meaning that the rib bones which are VERY clear in the second zoomed in photo are way too blurry in the first photo to yield such a clear zoom. Thoughts? I’m a total amateur…

  6. Drew Says:

    Not to mention that there is a reflection of a person in a blue shirt to the right of the zombie.