Podcast: Nothing Is Certain Except Death And Tanning

Posted by on June 7th, 2012

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Spiro and The Fudge are back on the case! This time they have to solve a mystery involving a dead murderer who might have been killed by a vigilante. Will they be able to crack the grisly case? Or will Spiro be too busy full body tanning to find to the clues? Andrew proposes the merits of being swarmed by scorpions instead of spiders. Also, Armageddon is yelled about, the Department of Defense reveals they have two telescopes more powerful than the Hubble just lying around a warehouse somewhere and Game of Thrones has praise lavished upon it.

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3 Responses to “Podcast: Nothing Is Certain Except Death And Tanning”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Shwood asks, with those space telescopes given to NASA by the military, will they finally photograph the Apollo sites and stop those people from saying the Moon mission was fake. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter already did late last year from an altitude of 15 miles. It photographed the Apollo 11, 12 and 15 sites. You can see the astronauts’ bootprints, the lunar rover and its tracks, the shadow of the flag, the experiments left behind, etc

    UniverseToday posted pic of Apollo 11 site:

    UniverseToday links to a vid of what the LRO viewed of the Apollo 12 site:

    It was nice to hear Shwood argue that humanity should get precedence over company profits. He has a problem with drug patents. Libertarianism always falls apart when someone cant afford a medicine or a medical procedure and calls on the state.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In this podcast, the trio discuss the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) transfer of two surplus recon satellite telescopes to NASA. look at some of the particulars from AmericaSpace.org:

    same aperture, 94 in. (2.4 meters), as the Hubble Space Telescope.

    “…shorter focal length means the NRO  telescopes can image at high resolution an  area 100 times bigger than Hubble’s Wide Field Camera-3, a visible / infrared instrument that has become Hubble’s most advanced and heavily used sensor.  And by imaging areas 100 times larger in a single image the more galaxies and objects in the cosmic zoo can be studied with a single image…”

    “..Another key benefit is unlike Hubble, the secondary mirror on the NRO telescope can be moved by either ground control or on board instruments. This can be used to bring the image to an extremely fine focus…”

    “…NRO is not allowing NASA to release any images of the optics aside from some graphics of  unclassified test hardware. And they have told NASA not to talk in any detail  about what is supposed to be now unclassified hardware….”

    “….“In addition, it became clear that NASA had already [told] employees to respond to questions from the Washington Post and the New York Times and not to anyone else. NASA PAO said that they provided answers to inquiries. Sources within the agency tell me otherwise,” Cowing says….” [Keith Cowing of NASAWatch.com]

    I have to link to this article. The writer has had experience with previous versions of these types of spy satellites while employed at other publications. He discusses being called in to talk to the military because of his sources in the 1970’s. Oh what the military has had for decades before the scientific community.

    “high resolution imaging spacecraft that could see people, and tell if they were carrying a lunchbox or not”:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    what happened to the post of: http://weirdthings.com/2012/06/weird-things-pre-show-hangout-thingy/ ?

    I was going to post this (found on reddit science, published on YouTube on 06/06/12):