Is this How R2-D2 Rolls Down Stairs?

Posted by on June 22nd, 2012

It’s a skateboard that can roll down stairs. Royal College of Art graduate Po-Chih Lai adjusted the trucks so they adjust to the stress of the steps. But more importantly, is this how our favorite sassy droid gets out of a building in case the fire alarm goes off and the elevators are off limits?

Let’s just hope this video doesn’t make it to Skaro, or else we are all screwed.


3 Responses to “Is this How R2-D2 Rolls Down Stairs?”

  1. Jroberts Says:

    How much noise do all of those wheels make when going down stairs?  I doubt it’s as elegant as this video portrays it to be.

    That said,  nice design and nice cinematography.

  2. Penguin Empire Says:

    I noticed the tubes and am guessing that there is a hydraulic system in place? Trying to figure out where the fluid is going and what the system is set up to do. Or were the tubes just for show (doubting it)?

  3. Joshua K. Fraser Says:

    Hmm, do you have to wear tights and your Dad’s shirt to make them go down the stairs?