Hitler’s Medical Journal’s Revealed: Cocaine! Veggie Farts!

Posted by on May 8th, 2012

hitler farts.jpg

A new round of Hitler memorabilia is about to hit the auction block and among the items for sale is Adolf’s medical journals. One of them was compiled from interviews with six of Hitler’s chief doctors and the other comes from only one of those doctor’s notes.

Here are the highlights as learned by the Washington Examiner:

Cocaine: The longer report from Giesing noted Hitler’s cocaine use to clear his sinuses and that the doctor had to cut the dosage because the father of the “Final Solution” craved it because it made him happy.

Alternative remedies to sexual dysfunction: …it quotes Hitler doctor Theodore Morrell confirming that Hitler and Braun had sex though they slept in separate beds and that he was injected with semen from young bulls to spark his libido.

Farts: Panagopulos said the report also notes that Hitler “suffered from uncontrollable flatulence” due to his veggie diet, something the German leader took pills for.

All these secrets and more can be yours at auction on May 7th at Alexander Historical Auctions. You might want to find a young bull before you bid… you know… to get your courage up.

[Washington Examiner]

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