Creepy Smartphone Enabled Body Pillow Let’s You Feel “Heartbeat”

Posted by on May 9th, 2012

Hugvie - the huggable communication medium with a heartbeat #DigInfo - YouTube.jpg

It’s called the Hugvie. You put your cell phone inside of it and then talk to whomever you might like to chat with. The vibrations from the voice simulate a heart beat so you can clutch your Hugvie to you like an inanimate baby while feeling the life pulses from your call.

This seems fine if you are having a really calm conversation with a long distance loved one. It would not be ideal for the following chats:

• Confronting a significant other with proof that they are screwing around with their personal trainer
• Negotiating a good wholesale price on red beans
• Complaining to Comcast customer service that your internet is out and you’ve already reset the modem and the router

But other than those, it would be WAY less creepy.

[YouTube] via Tony Ley

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