Controversy Rages Over the Legality of Killing Bigfoot in Texas

Posted by on May 8th, 2012

bigfoot texas murder.jpg

Can you legally shoot Bigfoot right in his Bigfoot-y face while in the Lone Start State? One Oregon Sasquatch seeker thought to ask an expert at the Texas Parks and Wildlife department for a clarification on the rules.

He received a very dry and clear cut email basically stating that if the hunter could prove that Bigfoot was indigenous to Texas, it’s fair game. But now, that is under dispute…

But Sinclair told his response has been taken wildly out of context.

“This guy never really alluded to Bigfoot, though it seems maybe he said something about Sasquatch,” Sinclair told “He took my statement and said that it was safe to hunt an ‘indigenous cryptid,’ whatever that is. He misquoted me.”

Meanwhile, this has sparked a mini-firestorm in the Bigfoot community that wonders if the announcement of Open Season on the big guy will mean the as-yet-unfound cryptid could go extinct. That is, if they could prove he’s real first. Which would probably require the scientific study of a corpse. Which would call for killing.

My head hurts.

[Fox News] via Ken Cowan

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