Wake Up Sheeple! Half Man Half Sheep Hybrid Born in Africa

Posted by on February 14th, 2012
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It’s finally happened. The endless bleating of Boing Boing commenters has summoned a creature neither God nor man will lay claim to.

The sheeple are here.

Although many surely thought sheeple was only a derogatory slur for those blind to the bought and paid for government controlling our every move, the truth is far more sinister. Nigerian locals believe a sheep gave birth to a sheep/people hybrid this week.

Garba Aminu, a commercial motorcycle rider, averred: “This is an abomination in our land. To see a sheep give birth to a half human being is a mystery and that shows how terrible some people are. It is unimaginable that some people will be having intercourse with animals.”

Of course, doctors (no doubt in the employ of the Federal Reserve) claim this is simply a horrific deformity and not a mutant sent to open the eyes of a weary proletariat. But those of us paying attention know far better.

The sheeple are here! Wake up other sheeple that are actually humans! The truth is right in front of you.

[The Blaze]

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One Response to “Wake Up Sheeple! Half Man Half Sheep Hybrid Born in Africa”

  1. mxyzptlk Says:

    The fact that you posted the recent xkcd comic proves one thing:

    Asimov isn’t predicting the future — Randall Munroe is. At least the near-future.