Chronological Man: The Martian Emperor Book Trailer Available!

Posted by on February 21st, 2012


The thrilling second Chronological Man Adventure!

Who is the Martian Emperor?

When a giant airship descends on New York City in 1892 and threatens destruction if the world doesn’t submit to the Martian flag, it’s up to the mysterious Smith, inventor and adventurer to find out what forces are at work.

From the dangerous basement fan-tan parlors of Chinatown to the top of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, Smith and his brilliant assistant, April Malone, will have to unravel the clues and avoid danger lurking behind every corner. To stop the menace they’ll need they enlist the help of Theodore Roosevelt and other early twentieth-century heroes.

The second book in The Chronological Man series, The Martian Emperor combines mystery, airship battles and backroom Tammany Hall politics against the backdrop of a world on the verge of war.

53,000 words – approximately 160 pages.



3 Responses to “Chronological Man: The Martian Emperor Book Trailer Available!”

  1. Michael Hilliard Says:

    Good stuff good stuff….formatting on the video is off though 😛 

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A blimp/zeppelin and a flying saucer/platter in a fire fight? I’m in.

    Audio book format? Mr. Justin Robert Young, you’re wanted in the studio.

  3. mxyzptlk Says:

    You had me at Roosevelt firing a double-barrel shotgun out of a zeppelin. He could be firing at anything — other zeppelins, cans, clouds, it doesn’t matter, that’s just a great image.