Closely Guarded Chinese Secret, Huh? Names Of Chinese “Taikonauts” Accidentally Revealed In Commemorative Memorabilia

Posted by on December 9th, 2011


After their selection 18 months ago, the names of the crew that will be sent into space by the People’s Republic of China has been kept under wraps. Until someone put their autographs on a commemorative postmarked envelope and accidentally let it get out.

Whoopsie doodle.

Among those names are two women, one of which might become the first Chinese woman in space. They would be part of a manned mission in 2012 which is all building to the launch of a Chinese controlled space station by 2020.

Below you can find a picture of the second crew to launch into space for the PRC in 2005.

[Collect Space via BoingBoing]


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