Proof Of Bigfoot Or Digital Hoax? You Decide

Posted by on October 10th, 2011

Crypto folks were abuzz this weekend with a new video entitled Creston Flats Bigfoot. Without further comment, here is that video:

More details on the area where it was shot including local pictures and Google Maps can be found here at Bigfoot Evidence.

Meanwhile, The Crypto Hunters have called shenanigans on the clip and explain their grievance in a short video clip of their own, as found on their Facebook page.

So what say you weirdlings and weirdos? Real deal or digital trickery?

3 Responses to “Proof Of Bigfoot Or Digital Hoax? You Decide”

  1. Leon Says:

    Ok, I have very little experience with video editing and special effects, but why would they fake this digitally? Wouldn’t it be WAY easier to just film a guy in a costume walking through the brush rather than putting it together after the fact? 

    It looks to me like it was just a dude in a suit with very low quality video, but again, I don’t have much experience with these new-fangled videos and the youtubes.

  2. TLM Says:

    It could be use to show your digital skills you can show it on your resume or linkedin help you get a job.

  3. JasonH Says:

    Just a guy on a buffalo riding around in the weeds.