Newspaper Uncovers Decade Long Infestation Of Big Cats In Southern England

Posted by on October 10th, 2011

Two counties in Southern England have kept a disturbing secret since 2000. Big cats. Huge, killer beasts have prowled their streets. According to a Freedom of Information Act request, over 205 sightings in a ten year time.

Details of the phone calls range from straightforward details of times, locations and descriptions, to the somewhat strange.

One call recorded in February 2000, from the Roche area of Mid Cornwall, states: “Sighting of large cat-type creature. Caller stated that her son saw a large cat in fields behind their farm in the last five minutes or so.

“Caller stated that it has disappeared again but she wanted to know if they could shoot it, if seen again, or is it protected?” Seven months later, a member of the public from Axminster said: “The beast of Bodmin Moor is in the top of my garden lying down digesting his dinner. I called you 30 minutes ago re. this.”

Although reports have tapered off in recent years, there still remains the mystery of where these cats came from and if they are still lurking in the darkness. Waiting to strike.

[This Is Cornwall]

2 Responses to “Newspaper Uncovers Decade Long Infestation Of Big Cats In Southern England”

  1. Xcamr Says:

    Not surprising really.  Considering many rich British people back in the day had private collections of exotic animals.  Many people just assume the Beast of Exmoor is just a panther that either escaped or was let go.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I saw something about this and other large cat in England on Monster Quest a while ago. If there was a big cat would you not have carcases to prove that it is there and eating? Big cats need big prey and they would leave behind bones.