Confirmed By Science: Great White Sharks Enjoy Heavy Metal Music

Posted by on June 17th, 2011

A great white shark tour operator in Australia has made a startling discovery. Sharks love AC/DC. They love them so much, playing their songs is a more effective method of luring sharks than spreading chum in the water. After all, they may not always be hungry but there is always time to RAWK!

“We know the AC/DC music works best by trial and error, and we are doing more research to see what works best with different species of shark,” says Waller.

Apparently, sharks are attracted by songs in the low frequency range, and two AC/DC songs in particular are best at working the great whites into a frenzy — namely the tunes You Shook Me All Night Long and, fittingly, If You Want Blood. Waller, whose business allows tourists to get up close and personal with the ocean predators in shark cages, says the music even gets the sharks head-banging, in a way.

This leaves only two possibly evolutions for sharks to become even more metal: 1) be made out of fire 2) wield a battle axe.


3 Responses to “Confirmed By Science: Great White Sharks Enjoy Heavy Metal Music”

  1. Dereckc1 Says:

    Hmm, sharks “head-banging” to rock music. Seems like a perfect plot for a Finding Nemo 2 movie.

  2. Frank31415 Says:

    I’m still shocked by the idea of a “shark tour.”

  3. Articles About Science Says:

    Whats??? Shark is really enjot heavy metal music? How we know the shark enkoy it?