Onlookers Cripple Town In Gridlock To Observe Dead Pig Floating Under Bridge

Posted by on April 5th, 2011

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How boring is it to live in Bridgewater, Ireland? So boring that when you see what you think might be a dead body, or a turtle, or (as it turned out ultimately) the head of a pig floating below a town bridge it becomes a communal event to observe the proceedings.

Workers leave their jobs mid shift, drivers immediately park their car on the shoulder of the road to join the bridge crowd and town traffic is brought to a stand still.

For a dead pig. Floating in a river.

Considering this became a town-wide curiosity, did anyone think about retrieving the object? Specifically considering early scuttlebutt argued it was a dead body?

Some people waited for around two hours and said they did not see the object removed and believe it is still in the river.

Oh, well maybe the local authorities were just too busy.

Police officers also attended the scene but left shortly after.

Never mind, Ireland is weird.

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