My Encounter with the Chupacabra: Weird Things EXCLUSIVE!

Posted by on April 22nd, 2011

Our eyes locked. Each one of us trying to stare down the other. A mortal man versus a cryptological enigma. My goal – satisfying scientific curiosity. His goal – to hide in the shadows until his blood rage send him into the night in search of more prey. In the end, he would win. But not without a sacrifice.

For the first time we present a Weird Things exclusive. Photo and video of the Chupacabra taken by me when I went on a walk in a South Florida park.

We’ve decided to not reveal the location of the park in order to protect this creature’s habitat. Should he prove a nuisance and begin to prey upon household pets or children, we reserve the right to take action. Until then, he’s free to prey upon whatever comes into his domain, including the elderly.

I came upon the creature in broad daylight. The hairless body, odd gait and features that harken back to a time when mammals and reptiles were much more closely related, immediately struck a cord. 30 yards in front of me, I knew what I was looking at: The Legendary Chupacabra. Sensing another hunter, it darted into the bushes. I gave chase and followed him into his lair.

Despite the tangled brush I managed to take out my iPhone and capture several photos and video you to see.

Some of you may look at these photos and claim it’s just a mangy raccoon. I suggest an alternate hypothesis: The Chupacabra is a shape shifter and he chose the form of a mangy raccoon. The burden of proof is on you.

This is the path where I first saw him as he tried to stealthily avoid my notice.

A chameleon like predator, he has the natural ability to blend into his background. Can you see him?

Here’s a close up shot of the beast we’ve nicknamed ‘Chupy’. Notice the cunning look to his eyes.

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4 Responses to “My Encounter with the Chupacabra: Weird Things EXCLUSIVE!”


    What’s he doing climbing a tree? I thought he was supposed to be putting the final touches on the audio version of THE GRENDEL’S SHADOW.

  2. Sirwashbrook Says:

    its natasha henstridge in the tree ! that’s why he is looking

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There’s only one way to prove it’s really a Chupacabra. Dress Justin in a goat costume and have him prance around in front of the creature. If the creature attacks him and begins feeding on his blood, we’ll know it’s really a Chupacabra. If it doesn’t attack him or feed on his blood, it’s obvious that Chupacabra are smarter than I give them credit for and so the creature is really a clever Chupacabra. Either way, just film Justin prancing around in a goat costume while a Chupacabra glares at him from the trees and you’ll have viral video gold.

  4. Tony Ley Says:

    OMG! LOVE this! Andrew your excitement is SO funny and honest! Wish you had gotten a better picture (but hey…that’s how ‘crytos’ are supposed to photograph anyway). Older adult raccoon. This video is great!