“Are Computer Viruses Taking Over The World?”

Posted by on April 6th, 2011

Are computer viruses trying to take us over? Are they just the devolution of some kind of alien technology that’s trying to communicate with us through insipid mischief? Or are they evil alien viruses and trying to distract us from the impending invasion?

I don’t know necessarily about all these alien viruses I keep hearing about but if you have just regular earth viruses then you need ESET Antivirus and ESET are the world leaders in Anti-Threat technology.

There’s only one place you need to go to get it: http://www.willtech.com.au/delivers/Protection

And who know? Maybe they will just save us from all those alien viruses..


2 Responses to ““Are Computer Viruses Taking Over The World?””

  1. Jason Horton Says:

    I use this antivirus, and you know, if you change the first E in ESET to a B, and then switch the places of the S and E… what does that spell? BEST, I don’t think that’s much of a stretch. And I hope you’ll agree.

  2. Kuyarails Says:

    Yea.. I think ESET is best solution as antivirus..