A Rifle/Machete Slingshot

Posted by on March 30th, 2011

Although this is barely within our news coverage area, we thought bringing you footage of this amazing machete slingshot/rifle hybrid would prove that this beautiful dream is indeed science fact.

Favorite moments in video:

• The sound of an oncoming car while our host is explaining his contraption. If you’re just randomly driving down the road and see this giant bald dude wielding such an insane weapon, what is your first thought? I’m glad I updated my will? What is Uncle Fester doing with a knife gun? I always knew this is how I would go?

• The startling accuracy of the weapon. Granted, we don’t know how many takes this took to edit down to the handful of successful attempts but still…

• He’s shooting a box for a home treadmill. A nation of overweight YouTubers express a tsunami of catharsis.

• He follows up a video of the most badass DIY weapon in a decade with a video spotlighting two tiny hand slingshots. As the old adage on genre writing goes, your monster movie is over when the gigantic bald dude stops firing machetes into a treadmill box with pants peeing velocity.

Only two elements that could have made it better:

• Slow motion

• Death metal


One Response to “A Rifle/Machete Slingshot”

  1. Grey Says:

    I was disapointed that he was launching the blade at such a short range.
    It would have been interesting to see just how accurate the device is over a longer distence.
    He mentioned that the launching arm was so long is to allow the heavy blade to get up to speed, but at what range ?
    We only get to see a few feet. My guess would be the accuracy drops dramaticly at anything further then a dozen feet, making this device a cool looking, but impractical launcher, and that doesn’t make for a great YouTube vid.

    The slingshots, or Shanghai were cool though.