Five Creepiest Masks In All Of History

Posted by on February 28th, 2011

Masks. Sure we’ve seen them used by serial killers and surgeons for years, but what are the absolute five creepiest of human history? Let’s find out.

Tibetan Ritual Mask pictures from nepal photos on webshots

Tibetan Ritual Mask: In a culture big on rituals in general, masks play a huge rule. We couldn’t find the exact purpose of this bad boy but we’re going to guess it’s the ritual of waking your child up in the middle of the night and scaring them until they finally learn that doing the dishes means washing and drying.

Skitched 20110228 163127

Hannya Mask: A Japanese creation. This is said to represent a jealous female demon in Noh theater. We are particularly fond of it because the demon looks kind of confused. Like someone threw a surprise party for it and then lead it over to a cake box. But then when they opened the lid the sheet cake was covered in live bugs.

Skitched 20110228 163458

Anglo Saxon Ship-Burial Helmet: This very rare find (only four have been recovered intact) isn’t particularly creepy but it does look like an advanced robot grew a mustache. We are also shocked this hasn’t been co-opted by Kanye West. Yet.

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Kifwebe: Members of the Kifwebe society in what is now known as Zaire had a reputation for supernatural power, which was represented in this mask. It’s said that the features of the face are representations of where the Kifwebe get their powers, for example:

The eye slits are said to the “holes of termites” and “the swelling of sorcerers;” the chin represents the snout of a crocodile; the long, pointed mouth resembles the beak of a bird, also the “flame of a sorcerer;”

Does anyone want to bet me that Charlie Sheen uses the term “flame of a sorcerer” sometime in the next two weeks?

Skitched 20110228 165414

Plague Doctor Beak Mask: During the plague, so many folks needed medical attention that these total creepers became a welcome site. The entire, fun ensemble came equipped with a creepy robe and even creepier poking stick for “examinations.”

The bird beak had a functional purpose of holding scents like mint and vinegar so the wearer didn’t have to sniff death all day and was protected from miasmatic air.

Bad news was, the dudes who normally suited up as plague doctors were either folks who could not hack it in normal medical practice or recent students just beginning their careers. Either way, it didn’t look good for the patient. Then again, not much did, since they had the plague and all.

4 Responses to “Five Creepiest Masks In All Of History”

  1. DavidGuest Says:

    Where can I purchase the Plague Doctor mask for a child’s Birthday party?

  2. Cameron Says:

    This was my Halloween costume last year.

  3. Bradley Shively Says:

    Petitioning to have Silent Hill’s “pyramid head” included on this list.

  4. Dereckc1 Says:

    Funny, I don’t find the Anglo-Saxon burial helmet creepy at all. I guess I have already welcomed our eventual robot overlords, giving me an imunity to it’s futuristic appeal.