Weird Wiki: How Much Would You Pay For The Corpse Of A Fairy?

Posted by on January 26th, 2011


In 2007, an illusion designer from the UK put up for auction what appeared to be the remains of a dead fairy. The winged creature was said to have been inspected by X-Ray and proved a biological organism. Although the bone structure seemed to be that of a child, the bones themselves were said to be hollow.

Here was the initial description according to a BBC article at the time:

“The 8in remains, complete with wings, skin, teeth and flowing red hair, have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm the body is genuine.”

The exact day of the posting should have been a tip off, so skeptics found it as no surprise when the April Fools Day hoax was revealed to be nothing but a model. However, even after it was revealed as a fake, the curiosity still sold for £280 to a private art collector.

Messages still poured in after the confession, with many upset that the seller listed the location where the fairy was found.

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One Response to “Weird Wiki: How Much Would You Pay For The Corpse Of A Fairy?”

  1. GreyEarth Says:

    I love a good joke/hoax as much as next guy and when someone puts this much time and effort in creating a near-convincing sculpture or model such as this “fairy” I’ll be the first to applaud the creativity. One of my favourite artists is Alex CF ( how make a living doing just this sort of thing.
    The collections of Alex CF inspire the playful suspension of disbelief and thoughts of “what if?” and that’s something that is lacking in this day-in age.

    However, when I come across comments like the following…..
    Darlene Harper
    June 23, 2010 at 1:01 am
    I truley believe in the spirtual world, My son saw a fairy last year of 2009 in chicago ill. outside of popeye chicken located at 113s.Halsted,so for you non believe there are other Spirtual beings in this world,not only have my son witness things as his mother so have i.Respond back,this is not a hoax,This is very real.
    ….I get rather worried. Because from here its just a short hop, skip, and freak-out into a full blown religion.
    Either that or children grow up with some really F*ed up parents and that’s what really has me on edge, because I’ve seen the results of that first hand.

    Its people like that are one of the reasons I’ve been a skeptic since I was old enough to formulate my own opinion.